Sunday, April 5, 2009

Audio Lovin' Review: Plum Lucky By Janet Evanovich

Plum Lucky - Audio Book
By: Janet Evanovich
Read By: Lorelei King

As a between the numbers Stephanie Plum novel, Plum Lucky hits the perfect note of sassy, fun and fast paced. The narrator of Plum Lucky, Lorelei King, does an amazing job of setting the right tempo and hitting the lines in just the way you imagine them in your mind.

I enjoy the Stephanie Plum novels, but I don't wait with baited breath for their release. In fact, I've only read a few so I'm trying to go back and catch up with the story. When I’m in the mood for a spunky, light read, I know that the Plum novels will usually do the trick.

For Plum Lucky, we get away from the romantic push and pull between Ranger and Joe. Since I haven't read the entire series, I can only guess how Janet keeps that from getting stale. This time, we get to see Stephanie mix it up with Diesel, whose personality is so easy going that you wish he was around more often.

The book isn't heavy on romance, since it's pretty clear that even if Stephanie has the hots for Diesel, she's not excited enough to act on anything. I would have enjoyed the book more with at least a little more sexual tension or a few sexual interchanges beyond just verbally.

The regular cast of characters makes an appearance, including Grandma Mazer, a leprechaun (yes! I said leprechaun) Lula and a rocket launcher. Together they make for some nice LOL moments. On the flip side, I'm always annoyed by Stephanie's mom – I can't even find her ironically funny. For my money, I would totally hire the mob to whack her!

The Audio Books is a good listen. Just be careful – you'll be smiling and laughing like a silly head – I was driving along with an idiot grin on my face and realized other drivers probably thought I was insane!


  1. I listened to this one on the way to a Mizzou football game this past fall - the humor was spot on and I really liked how the reader did the voices - especially Snuggy and his interpretations of what the horse was saying. Too funny.

    My husband usually wants to listen to something else about half-way through a two-hour road trip, but even he enjoyed this book both to and from the game.

  2. Snuggy was great!

    I cracked up and seriously almost had to pull over when Lula shot that rocket launcher! The result made my day :)

    Thanks for stopping by!




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