Monday, April 20, 2009

RT Booklovers Convention: Day 1 Aspiring Writer's Program

Day one of the Aspiring Writer's Program portion of the RT Booklover's convention rocked! I'm taking the beginner's class, and Not only is Judi McCoy an awesome writer, she is one hilarious lady! She cracked me up all day long.

The hotel has some serious issues with wifi access I won't even go into, so I'm hoping to start posting some photos tomorrow.

All I can say is I'm hooked on RT and having the time of my life. I'll try to give a run down tomorrow of some of the fabulous authors that have come in to do some teaching workshops...Linnea Sinclair is a hoot!

More coming soon!


  1. I love, love, love this site! It is so cool. Lots of interesting info. I will visit again and stay a while. Can't wait to read your upcoming blogs.

  2. Thanks Cheeky Girl Jules! I'm so glad you love the site. I have some reviews and giveaways coming up soon so keep a lookout!


  3. I know all about troublesome wifi connections when traveling. It is so frustrating when you book expecting to be able to have easy access and then it doesn't even work.

    Glad to see you got your pics up on some of your other posts thanks for sharing :)!

    Pam S

  4. How exciting to be in a program with those successful authors.

  5. I was in this class and can't thank Judy McCoy enough for her efforts. I had lot's of fun and learned a whole lot! See ya next year! Wendy Milanes



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