Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RT Booklovers Convention: Writer's Workshop

Morning Session Surprise: The group had a surprise visit from a Mr. Romance competitor. The ladies managed to control themselves, but couldn't help making him blush with a few catcalls!

Allison Chase and Nancy Cohen are speaking about plotting out your book. I can't believe I'm getting advice from Nancy Cohen! Her tips on organization and her plotting tools are fabulous and I can see how it will help me immensely.

Allison and Nancy gave away copies of their books. Three lovely future New York Times Bestsellers were the happy winners!


  1. Very nice! In this pic is Jules Reynolds, historical romance, Marla Kidd, paranormal, and Kimber Rose, urban fantasy.

  2. The Mr. Romance competition looked so fun, and what a nice set of competitors I've seen from all the pics from RT.



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