Thursday, April 23, 2009

RT Convention: eBook Expo

Part of this year's conference was a special feature on eBooks and ePublishers and the event was packed!

Again, tons of giveaways and door prizes. Love that!

What was even better was seeing authors with eBooks and small press books doing signings and finding new readers. There are some fabulous writers out there in eBooks and it was great to see them get their time in a special spotlight.

One fantastic author I've met this year is Lyn Armstrong. She's beyond nice and I can't wait to read the book I bought from her! She writes about Celtic witches and I can tell just from meeting her I'm gonna love them.

Check out Cheeky Author Lyn Armstrong in the book signing photo I took of her. I'll be having Lyn on the blog a little later and give you more details about her and her books. In the meantime, check out her cool website


  1. You covers look lovely Lyn! I really like the option of getting ebooks. I can read in between my work lol (graphic/web designer) plus instant download. I still enjoy prints, but there have been some awesome novels I have gotten to read there are only avail in ebooks.

  2. Celtic Witches?!!! I haven't had a good witch book in a while. I am thinking I need to check this author out!

  3. Remember when eBooks were kinda ignored by RWA??
    I love it that actually get the attention they deserve now, since there are so many excellent authors out there who do eBooks.



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