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Welcome Rita Herron on her Dark Hunger Blog Tour & Enter To Win A Copy!

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Today Cheeky Reads is honored to welcome Rita Herron, author of the DEMONBORN Series! Dark Hunger is Rita's latest book in the series and it just released. Rita was kind enough to answer some questions for us and we are giving away 5 copies of Dark Hunger!
Welcome Rita!

Many readers know you from your Harlequin Intrigue titles. For those not familiar with your new DEMONBORN series, what can they expect?

Readers can expect the same type of romantic suspense, emotion and overall theme of love, but the Demonborn series is much darker, more erotic, has grittier language, and deals with deeper issues. It's like taking an Intrigue and raising it several degrees.The spooky paranormal and sinister demon creatures add another level of danger and mystery, and the series is chalked full of myths and folk legends, both fictional and based on actual folklore.

Dark Hunger is Book Two in the series. Would you recommend readers check out Insatiable Desire first, or is each book able to stand alone?

Hmm, I always think it's more fun to start a series with the first book as it sets up the series and the heroes in the demonborn. That said, readers can pick up Dark Hunger and read it and not feel lost. I weave in the backstory and set up, and Vincent makes a return visit!

If you were to describe Quinton Valtrez, the hero of Dark Hunger, in three words what would they be?

Mysterious, wicked, sexy...

What excited you about Quinton and Annabelle and their story?

I loved that he had a wicked sense of humor and that she was spunky, had her own goals and didn't back down from him. I also liked the fact that they had to work together in a race against time to stop the Death Angel from murdering. Annabelle brought out the good in Quinton, but she also played to his erotic nature, and even liked it, so I found that sexy and hope readers do, too!

You include lots of mythology and legends in your DEMONBORN series and I love it! What was the research process like for setting up a paranormal world that plays on some of the established myths?

Having been born in the South, I've always been fascinated with local folklore, myths and legends. It was really fun to build my world around these elements, although I did throw in a few of my own fictional myths (even more so in Insatiable Desire.) I think using the myths and legends adds another mysterious level, brings the setting to life and makes it unique. Building the folklore about All Hallow's Eve also added authenticity. And using my three favorite Southern cities actually made the storytelling easier because I've been to these cities and love the flavor and culture of each one. Having visited them and having done research on the areas and legends also sparked my creativity and ideas for parts of the series.

The DEMONBORN Series is set to be a trilogy with Forbidden Passion releasing in April 2010. Now that Book Two has been released, do you find yourself wishing that the series could go on, or do you feel three books were perfect for telling this story?

Hmm, yes I'd love to see it continue and spin off into an extended series, but I do think these three books told the Valtrez brothers' stories. If I did continue, I'd spin if off with other characters or in a different directions, but the cruz of the brothers' conflict, their relationships with one another and their father is tied up here. However, I did like writing men/heroes who were both good & evil.

I know you're super busy and don't always get time to read for pleasure, but authors always have great recommendations! So, what book would get your latest recommendation to our readers?

Any book my Karen Rose! She's my favorite. And I like Larissa Ione's paranormal series!

What other exciting things do you have in store for readers in the future?

I have some things in the works, but nothing definite to share yet. I'm working on ideas for another romantic suspense trilogy (set around a mental hospital), and may include paranormal elements. I also have a paranormal series in mind, am working on a YA paranormal series, a paranormal romantic suspense screenplay, and of course, I'll be writing more Intrigues.

Read an excerpt.
Check out the Fun Facts.
Watch the video.
Go to DemonBorn.com to learn more about the characters, the legend, symbols, and the series.
Visit Rita Herron’s website.

Now for the Dark Hunger giveaway! Leave a comment below to be entered to win one of five copies of Dark Hunger. For an extra entry be a follower of this blog. Just mention that in your comment and you'll be +1! Contest is open until Wed. August 19th!

Some fine print: This giveaway is only open to residents of the US and Canada and cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

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