Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Review: Divorced, Desperate and Deceived by Christie Craig

th_0505527987 Book Review: Divorced, Desperate and Deceived
By: Christie Craig
Dorchester Publishing
3 Heart Review
Disclosure: Book provided by Publisher

Of the Divorced, Desperate and Delicious club, Kathy Callahan is the last surviving member. Oh, her two friends haven't died or anything. They just gave up their vows of chastity. They went for hot sex with hot cops and got happy second marriages – something Kathy can never consider, given her past. Yet there's always her plumber, Stan Bradley. He seems honest, hardworking, and skilled with a tool.

But Kathy's best laid plans have hit a clog. The guy snaking her drain isn't what he seems. He's handier with a pistol than a pipe wrench, and she's about to see more action than Jason Statham. The next forty-eight hours promise hot pursuit, hotter passion and a super perky pug, and at the end of this wild escapade, Kathy and her very own undercover lawman will be flush with happiness – assuming they both survive.

This was a fun book with a distinctive voice. Christine's writing is full of wit and humor and I love how she layers that with sexual tension to create books you will always instantly recognize as hers. With this third book in this series, you not only get Kathy and Stan's story you also get updates on the couples from the previous two books.

In this book the heroine is Kathy, an interesting character with a secret past that seems to overshadow any plans she has to move on with her life. She's controlled by her past and her ex-husband's cheating ways and I wish that she had come across as a little less of a victim. As well as she handles the craziness thrown at her and Stan, you would think she would have more self confidence and a better outlook on how she’s capable of handling life.

I really liked Stan and enjoyed the fact that he had pursued Kathy for years without getting any. In fact, I wish that this book had shown us more of Kathy and Stan’s flirting and interactions before they get into trouble. I have a feeling that would have been great fun.

One thing I loved about this book were the secondary characters. Joey, the hit man with a conscience, stole my attention and I almost wanted to hear more about his story than Kathy and Stan.

Christie really did well with the ending of this book and although I’m not usually a fan of epilogues, this one works and you’ll be left with a happy feeling at the end.

A laugh out loud book, it was fun and fast paced. I just didn’t connect with the heroine as much as I wanted to and wished for more Kathy and Stan time before the point that this book started. 


  1. I've seen this book on the shelves and almost grabbed it twice. It sounds like fun and I'm enjoying Contemps right now. Thanks for the review!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying your blog recently and I've given you an award.



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