Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Triple Threat Giveaway! So, What Is It?

The Triple Threat Giveaway:

Triple Threat 2
Celebrating Twilight, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries
Join us for the fun, games, and giveaways

Supernatural Radio Show New Episode Rundown

Scare Me Up Some Supernatural
Read what Authors have to say about one of our favorite TV shows.

Sexy Sunday Contest and Giveaway
Team Edward – Hottest picture of Edward Cullen – Judged by author Veronica Blake

Sunday – Watch New Moon with Us
Terry Kate and the masterminds behind Teens Read and Write share their take on New Moon.  Get your DVD cued up and when we say play you will be joining us and hundreds others as we go through the movie together.

Monday -
Vampire Diaries Discussion at Novel Reaction
Discuss the books that made the show – see where the series is going.  If you are watching the show are you reading the books?

Tuesday -
What Readers have to Say on The Neverending Shelf
Twilight Lovers and Haters share your thoughts -
Twilight Lovers what is the worst part of the Saga
Twilight Haters, what is the best part of the Twilight Saga

Wednesday -
Twisted Fates Cafe

Thursday -
Battle of the Sexies on Backseat Nightmares
Sam vs Dean
Stefen vs Damon
Edward vs Jacob
On what side of the divide do you fall?

Team Jacob on Book Faery
Hear who’s team Tori is on.

Friday -
Giveaway and Discussion on Cheeky Reads
What is it about the Twilight series that appeals/doesn’t appeal to woman? Is it all about the pretty boys or is there more to it than that?

Saturday -
Discussion and Giveaway on Dark of Knight
10 ways to loose Bella – by Jacob Black
Author Tracey Mitchell shares what she thinks were Jacob’s 10 biggest mistakes in his suit for Bella.
Share your ideas and enter to win a copy of Tracey’s new release coming out this May!

Sunday -
Sexy Sunday Contest and Giveaway
Team Jacob – Hottest picture of Jacob Black

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