Monday, March 1, 2010

Where the *$#@ Have I Been?

So, I’ve been MIA – I literally dropped off the face of the Earth there for awhile and I hope you’ve been keeping yourselves entertained while I’ve been gone.

There have been some AMAZING book releases while I was away that I’m going to do a write-up on soon just to make sure I’ve covered them.

I also have a few reviews coming up for books I TOTALLY adored.

So where exactly have I been? Well, it’s been a little of the good and the bad, but I’ll stick with the good…I moved! The Hubby and I bought a house and I’ve been working night and day packing, painting the new house before the movers put all our HUGE furniture in the rooms and we’d never be able to move them again, and trying to coordinate everything.

I swear, it’s like I’m the director of a Broadway show – this must happen over here, before Mr. Cable enters from stage left.

While we still have a TON on DIY projects to do on the house, we are finally totally in the house and I’m starting to unpack. The paint inside the house was the first thing we had to tackle. These people were insane with crazy color choices. For instance, this lovely pic is our master bedroom – which we dubbed the John Deer Room. That’s primer you see going onto the wall on the right side. Yep, have to primer every single wall. Sigh. BUT, it does mean I get exactly the colors I wanted!

John Deere RoomIf you’re an author or publicist waiting to see my review of your book – I’m sorry! I tried to pack the books in order of release date so They’ll be easier to organize as I unpack them. I promise I’ll get to them soon!

So, what great books have you read lately? I’ve missed so many releases I can use your input!


  1. Oh dear... You are so right about John Deere colors, lol!!!
    Go luck with all the DIY projects!
    Well, I am sure you will be flooded with books after this gets out.. hee hee!
    I have read a few books (not as much as I would have liked though.)... and new releases and what's out -->> I have it on my side bar (kinda like my shopping list, lol)! Have a great day hon!

  2. I'm so glad to see you back and moving, oh, that is my kind of nightmare bbbrrrrrr. And OMG, the John Deer room *shivers in horror again* didn't they have any taste or feeling for color? When you're all done you should take pics of your house and give us all a grand tour. I don't know about your other visitors but I'm curious to other peeps home's LOL

    As for new releases, gawd, Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh have had a release in IAD and Guild Hunter series. L.J. McDonald has a wonderful debut in fantasy romance with THE BATTLE SYLPH. Stephanie Tyler rocked the word with her Hold trilogy and Joss Ware also has a great PNR trilogy; BEYOND THE NIGHT / EMBRACE THE NIGHT ETERNAL. Donna Grant has started a new Highlander series with PNR twist, heard good things about that one. Shayla Black with DELICIOUS is released tomorrow. Do you want me to go on...? :D

  3. So glad you've surfaced!

    I don't know, I might paint a room that color... ;-)

  4. I love the colors! Nooo!!!!!! We moved 8 years ago and we still not done with the house, sigh.. But congrats on the house!

    As for the books, I just finished Donna Grant's A Dangerous Highlander and loved it! And now I am reading Paula Quinn's Ravished By A Highlander, reading lots of Highlanders!

  5. She is alive!! Whoo HOo! Ok we were going to send the guard out to look for you if we did'nt see you surface soon! LOL! Oh I just finished Sinful Surrender, by Beverley Kendall! Have you read it??
    I would give it four hearts!



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