Monday, March 29, 2010

You Love Me…You Really Love Me!

Ok, so I know that has been insanely over-used but it’s the best I got today. :) In the past few weeks Cheeky Reads has been shown the love and been given some awesome blog awards.
Huge thanks to Jillian at Random Ramblings for two awards – the Stylish Blogger Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you so much.
awards3 Beautiful blog award
You are supposed to pass these awards on to 15 blogs you think are stunning, beautiful, stylish, etc. etc. LOL
Here are 15 blogs I totally envy their design savvy and pass these two awards to:
  1. All Things Urban Fantasy
  2. SciFiGuy
  3. Book Junkie
  4. Book Soulmates
  5. The Bookette
  6. My Overstuffed Bookshelf
  7. The Neverending Shelf
  8. Cindy’s Love of Books
  9. Erotic Romance Reader
  10. Lynette’s Two Cents
  11. The Daily Dose
  12. Fiction Vixen
  13. Seductive Musings
  14. Good Books And Good Wine
  15. Parajunkee’s View 
I’d also like to thank Steph from Paper Cut Reviews for the awesome “Over The Top” blog award!
overthetopawardI’m supposed to answer following questions and then pass this award on to 5 other blogs. So here goes:
  1. The Book Resort
  2. Book Faery
  3. Smexy Books
  4. The Book Vixen
  5. Marissa’s Booklair
These are all fabulous blogs that if you haven’t check out, you should head on over!


  1. Congratulations on your awards. I am so flattered that you passed the Stylish Blogger Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award on to me. Thank you so much. xoxo

  2. Congrats on your awards and thanks so much!!

  3. Congrats on your awards! You deserve them =)

    And a big thank you for passing it along to us ♥

    Isalys & Vanessa
    Book Soulmates

  4. Congrats on your awards honey! You so deserve them!!!! Have a great day!

  5. Congrats to you and Thanks so much for the award!



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