Monday, April 12, 2010

Casting BAD: Who should play your fav BAD men? Tell us & Win a copy of Whispered Lies!

9781439169940 Sherrilyn Kenyon and Diana Love write the much loved BAD Agency series (The Bureau of American Defense) and we thought it would be fun to see which men you would cast in a BAD movie!

Now, over on Sherrilyn’s website, she has character profiles and photos of the BAD characters. Did her hero pics do it for you, or did you picture those heroes a little differently? Who would you like to see instead? Tell us your dream BAD Men or share a photo and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Whispered Lies!

*Sorry, contest open to US residents only. Winner will be selected 4/14/10 by 5pm.

Not familiar with the BAD Agency yet? Here’s a snippet about Whispered Lies…

In the suspenseful thriller from New York Times bestselling coauthors Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love, a Bureau of American Defense agent and an irresistible informant join forces to thwart a deadly global conspiracy. . . .

Gabrielle Saxe has hidden from a killer for the past decade, sending anonymous tips on international criminals to intelligence agencies around the world. When a postcard arrives from a friend who is supposed to be dead, she takes a risk that catapults her into the midst of dangerous operatives on a treacherous mission—and into the arms of Bureau of American Defense operative Carlos Delgado. Dutybound to surrender her to Interpol as an international felon, Carlos is the last person Gabrielle should trust and the only one standing between her and death. But little does she know, she holds the key to his survival as well. . . .

To learn more about the Authors and to Watch the Trailer click on the link ( or visit!

Make sure you catch up with Whispered Lies before the latest BAD Agency release, Silent Truth , comes out next week!


  1. I think Sherrilyn's on the money with the character pics. But I think Gerard Butler deserves a place in the BAD agency. I see him as either Joe or Carlos.

  2. I like Sherrilyn's pics a lot...I agree with I Heart Book Gossip though. I can definitely see Gerard Butler as one of the characters :)

  3. I'm on a Henry Cavill kick and I know from watching the Tudors that he can play good an bad....Stacy

  4. Oh, oh, I love - love - love James Caviezel. Count of Monte Cristo rules - one of my faves.

    Hmmmm... who else is sexy - oh Papa Winchester from Supernatural - Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I really want to see Loosers.

    Thanks Cheeky Lady!
    Terry Kate
    Romance in the Backseat

  5. Oded Fehr....experienced, HOT!, and verra' sexy :)

  6. I think she needs to throw a little Ryan Reynolds in there!

  7. ambercat_134/13/10, 2:37 PM

    I second Oded Fehr and raise ya a Benjamin Bratt. And Ryan Reynolds should be EVERYWHERE...shirtless.

  8. I think all of the suggested are good. Though I think I lean more towards Ryan Reynolds.

  9. i havnt read eoungh to be able to tell who would be best

    but johnny depp can do anyyyy character

  10. havnt read enough to know, lol this is 5th time, not sure if will go

  11. well AGH it went and only half answer thinking it owuldnt

    johnny depp can do ANY character

  12. Sadly I havent had a chance to read any of these books yet. But Im pretty sure I can work just fine with the pictures she has provided.

  13. Hmm I've only read one book so far in this series and it was a while a go but for Carlos basing off the trailer I'd pick Adam Rodriguez. He's got rugged and smokin down xD.


  14. i too, sadly haven't had a chance to read any of these books yet. Sounds great though : )

  15. Here are the keepers:Wulfgar,Joe,Jake,Jason Gabrielle,Hunter and Carlos. I wold replaceAndre with Boris Kudjo. I would replace Stoner with Morris Chestnut and I would replace Alex with the guy from Criminal Minds.

  16. Hi, just wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting for you here.


  17. Collin Farrel, with that delicious accent and those killer looks, has BAD written all over him.

    Gina (Misgif)



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