Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BEST Audio Book EVER! (Well, mightly fine one at least)

Confession: I'm only half-way through a book and I'm ready to call it a winner. Seriously, I've been tweeting all morning on how freakin' fantastic the current Audio Book I'm listening to is. Which one you ask?

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Cruise released in audio by Brilliance Audio.

THIS is why I adore audio books and why I keep singing their praises to readers who have yet to try them out.

The story is performed by Angela Dawe and she nails every voice, owning every character. This is the first time I've written "performed by" and totally meant it. These characters come alive off the page and do great justice to Jennifer Cruise's story.

I mean it's a Jennifer Cruise story, which means chances are that it's going to be pretty good if not great, but this just raises it to another level. I can honestly say I think the Audio Book version might be better than the book itself because - I'll say it again - Angela Dawe owns these characters.

So fantastic! If you were looking for your first audio book to try, or if you tried one in the past and hated it, PLEASE try this one. It's the perfect example of what an Audio Book should be and can be!

Here's Brilliance Audio's website with a sample of this audio book. The audio book just gets better and better the further into it. :)

Here's an Amazon link.

And a Borders link.

Have you read or listened to Maybe This Time? Tell us what you thought or tell us the best Audio Book you've found!


  1. I don't think I've listened to a Crusie book on audio yet. I have an old school Lynsay Sands book narrated by Dawe. Guess I'll have to bump that one up the virtual TBR. I'll definitely check this one out, too. Hearing each character being performed so differently is definitely one of the bonuses of audio. Another person who's terrific at that is Barbara Rosenblat.

  2. OK, you've sold me. I've got this in print, but I'll get it in audio too! I have totally gotten hooked on listening to audio books on my Kindle ~~ started w/ JD Robb books, which are better than excellent, the narrator there, Susan Erickson has rebuilt those characters for me ~ even when reading the new book I hear her voice for the characters!! BEST ever, IMO. I zooomed my way through those even though I'd read them, and now am branching out. Listening to Acheron right now, which I'm so engossed in I find myself trying to find time to drive alone so I can listen, lol!! Karen Rose's I Can See You was before this, and I loved it. I'm so freakin' addicted to this!!

  3. I've had this on my shelf for some time now, but I think I might just wait around to hear the audiobook instead. You've definitely sparked my interest.

  4. I haven't listened to "Maybe This Time" but I'm waffling about it. I generally listen to audiobooks based on the author or the reader. My favorite reader is George Guidall - he is the best and has narrated over 900 audiobooks. I also prefer Stephen Fry over Jim Dale for the Harry Potter audiobooks (mostly because I couldn't stand Jim Dale's Hermione).

    The last romance novel I listened to was Susan Elizabeth Phillips' "Nobody's Baby But Mine", read by Anna Fields who did a good job.



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