Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Author Emily Ryan-Davis & Enter to Win An Audio Book Copy of Mating Call!

Audio Books: Read Together

Happy Wednesday everyone! Cheeky Reads is the first stop on my audio book blog tour, which launches along side my first audio book release, MATING CALL, available now at AudioMinx.

MATING CALL is the first of a paranormal romance serial trilogy crammed full of dragons both solid and ephemeral. I'm happy to say books two and three, DRAGON DANCE and DRAGON BOUND, will be releasing in September and November of this year (don't forget Tuesdays are discount days at AudioMinx).

But less about THE audio book and more about audio books in general.

The first time I chose an audio book over a print book was Christmas four years ago. My now-husband, Chris, and I were going to undertake a four-hour drive to visit my family for the holiday. I'm not a verbal entertainer by nature and I worried Chris would be bored to death traveling such a long distance, his hands glued to the wheel instead of free to flip pages or wield knitting needles (like mine).

Together we chose Christpher Moore's A DIRTY JOB. I chose it more for him than me because I figured I'd knit or something if I didn't like the book. For the record: love A DIRTY JOB. I highly recommend it (not romance, though: you've been warned).

Chris and I went out of our way to keep driving so we could finish listening to the book together. We loved the voice acting, we loved being able to laugh together the way we would if we were watching a movie, and we didn't experience any of that awkward “you've GOT to read this! it's hysterical!” bumbling that occurs when you try to communicate hilarity to someone who's not been reading along with you. That audio book was the perfect joint-reading solution to our long drive.

When Audio Lark opened for submissions last year, my first thought was of the A DIRTY JOB experience. I immediately put together submission packages for my contemporary paranormal Dragon Queen series. The Dragon Queen books were my first e-books, my first print books and wouldn't it be fitting if they were my first audio books, too?

This afternoon, I was listening to proofs for DRAGON DANCE (book 2) and my husband was sitting on the bed putting on a pair of socks when the voice actress hissed a vehement curse followed by incredulous exclamation. I started laughing and so did he (it was meant to be a laughing bit) and in that moment, I knew I HAD to make audio books a more regular part of my life. What better way for reading households to do things together?

I'm not sure I'd advocate spicy romance as read-together subject matter...but I'm not sure I'd caution against it, either, ifyaknowwhatImean.

My question for blog visitors today is, in what circumstances do you “read” audio books? Your commute? Gym time? In the winter, when your hands are busy knitting up homemade socks? Tell me a) the last audio book you “read” and b) why you choose audio when you do choose audio, and you'll be entered in a drawing to receive a free download of MATING CALL.

Emily Ryan-Davis writes for Ellora's Cave, Liquid Silver Books and Freya's Bower. News of projects, releases and blog appearances can be found at ScorchedSheets.com. MATING CALL, DRAGON DANCE and DRAGON BOUND are currently available in electronic and print format at Freya's Bower.


  1. Hi,

    I just got an award and we're to pass it on to new blogs we think are awesome...so I'm passing it on to you. Come by and get your award. It's o.k., if your blog page is an award free page...just leave the award where it is, but know I like your blog and thought it worthy of such an award.


  2. HI Emily!

    Thanks so much for being with us here at Cheeky Reads. I'm a huge fan of audio books and was so excited to hear about your new audio release and that you wanted to talk audio books.

    I listen to audio books on my daily commute. It's about an hour each way and I find that it makes my trip so much more able to handle. Besides, I get so many more books "read."

    Thanks for being here today - we have a late crowd, but I'm sure we'll have some others stopping by throughout the day!

    Cheeky Girl Sabrina

  3. I'm an audiobook nut. I read in the car, I hook up my cell phone to my stereo and read while I'm doing dishes (but not the sexy or violent stuff--the kids are around!). I read on my walks.

    I've found that I can't read forensic stuff that way--I HAVE to be able to skim the gore and can't handle having it spoken out loud to me.

    And Christopher Moore is one of my top ten humor authors. I'd love to sit down to dinner with Carl Hiassen and him.

  4. I love that you listened on a trip together!

    My last audio book was soemthing by Amanda Qucik - can't remember the title now.

    I too read them to make my commute bearable. I have to switch to non-romances when driving with my husband.

  5. Wow what a cover!

    I haven't really listened to an audio book before but it sounds like it might be fun.

  6. Oh Pick Me!

    I love Christopher Moore's books too, but haven't heard the audio.

    I could see myself listening while I'm doing housework. Would make washing the dishes more fun.

  7. Generally I only listen to books on long drives. The last novel was one of Stephen King's and had me biting my nails. The last book of any kind was a children's Bible stories that we played on long trip with our toddler. He loved it.

  8. I listen to audio books while I cross stitch. sometimes I listen while I am driving if I am by myself.

    jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

  9. I haven't actually tried out audio books, yet. I take so few long trips in the car anymore...but maybe next year on the flight to NYC for the Nationals...that would be a nice easy-on-the-eyes thing to try...instead of reading for 6 hours straight.

    Though hopefully I'll try one out before that-

  10. Everyone, thank you for dropping by to comment on my blog! I apologize for my no-show in comments. My reading and internet time has declined since I started college again August 30.

    I've been trying to figure out how to maximize my time, now that I have classes and work and writing and releases and housework and a husband (out of breath here) and it occurred to me just last week I could load audio books on my iPod and read while, as Keri does, doing dishes. And with the arrival of Fall, my hands have been craving nice yarn and knitting needles, so audio books will be handy and allow me to knit and read at the same time.

    I've long wished I could somehow read while on the treadmill or elliptical and...audio books are it!

    They have so many uses. A friend pointed out, a year or so ago, that audio books even afford a wider opportunity for the vision-impaired. Suddenly they can read books they couldn't read before.

    Ahhh, technology. :)



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