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Cheeky Gift by Guest Author Kate Early & Comment to Win Full Load!

Cheeky Gifts by Kate Early

Hello Readers,

Kate Early here and so excited to be on Cheeky Reads. I am one for the authors from the Ravenous Romance anthology "Werewolves in Love" cause hey - werewolves need love too! Oh and they like presents just like the rest of us.

My two characters exchange gifts in the book and they are a bit tongue and cheek. Which got me to thinking about what I have been giving the ones I love. Are the presents fun enough?

My family has been known to do some fun gifts. I got the Wallace and Gromitt DVDs for Christmas and a group of the cheeses that they mention in the animated shorts. My BFF's College graduation, I got him a whole bunch of retirement themed gifts - since he was retiring from his school career. But maybe I have run out of juice?

I managed to have my two heros give each other some pretty funny surprises, but now I am out of ideas for my real live sweetheart. He hates chocolate, but likes Charleston Chews - so I got a bunch and used hot water to melt the outside off. I have done rose petals on the bed - as a florist word of advice here - lay them on an outer blanket then strip that off. Roses have a ton of chemicals on them. He got a rash. So he doesn't like sweets, gets excited by receiving toys - toy helicopters - video games - wii. But that is not really fun in a cheeky sense. So anyone got any ideas?

You can check an excerpt from Enforced Will from the Werewolves in Love Anthology below and comment with a suggestion for a cheeky gift to enter to win my M/M Romance - Full Load

Thanks for having me!

Kate Early

From Enforced Will by Kate Early

February 13, 2009
Subject: V-Day

I sent you something to brighten up your cabin with. Should be delivered tomorrow.

- Will

Re: V-Day

I look forward to it. Since you go through more groceries then a sumo wrestler, I sent you a little something too. Enjoy.


* * * *

February 14, 2009
Vincent’s Cabin, 2:27 p.m.

“Hang on a sec.” Vin opened the door, coming eye to eye with dozens of flowers. Roses, lilacs, lilies, hyacinths, and just about every growing thing that set off his allergies.

Behind the massive arrangement was a petite woman with a clipboard under one arm. “I have a delivery for Mr. Vincent Mancuso from William Brand.”

He didn’t want to send the woman running, but the words rolled out on a growl anyway. “That would be me.”

"Sign here.” Her smile was genuine and warm. “I just love when men send each other flowers. Stereotypes are wrong. Everyone likes flowers.” The door shut firmly in her face.

William’s Apartment, 3:42 p.m.

“Delivery for you at the door, Will.” His ears perked up. What would Vin send him? When he hit the living room, he had to reassess. This couldn’t be Vin. Who would send him ten somethings?

Spy Boy looked up from the candy he was already enjoying out of one of the baskets. “Someone knows you like mangoes. Every one of these is either mango flavored food, mangoes, or all that fruit body scented shit. Figured you wouldn’t mind if I grabbed some.” He indicated the open bag in his lap.

“Sir, can you sign for all this? Your secret admirer went all out. This is the largest delivery I have ever done all to the same person.”

“Ooooh! Will has a secret admirer.” The singsong tone grated on the nerves.

“Yep, one who knows I am allergic to mangoes.” Vin was evil.

If you want to meet Will and Vin check out Enforced Will in Werewolves in Love. - Read an Excerpt from Enforced Will - HERE

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  1. Dang!! this look hot!!

  2. Thanks Laura -
    Yep the boys can not keep their hands off each other! I like a romance where the characters are a little tongue in cheek.

    Thanks for dropping in and thank for having me on Ms. Cheeky,
    Kate Early



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