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Guest Author Maureen O. Betita On The Hotness That Is SciFi! Comment To Win!

I'd like to welcome my personal friend Author Maureen O. Betita to Cheeky Reads today! You might remember that I've showcased her debut book The Kraken's Mirror and now she has two HOT novellas releasing so I just had to have her back on.

Maureen is a wonderful friend who has done so much for me and I have to say that I totally agree with with her - SciFi HAS always been hot! *Waving my SciFi Geek Flag high!*

SciFi Has Always Been Hot by Maureen O. Betita

Yup, it is my premise that science fiction as always been hot. Yes, it is also a very nerd oriented genre. People think that it’s all Leonard, Sheldon and Howard from The Big Bang Theory. And yes, sometimes it is.

But not always.

Science Fiction is a brainy genre, at its best. It’s technical and full of wonderful ideas and speculation about what could be someday. Arthur C. Clarke wrote about satellites before there were satellites. Asimov came up with the three laws of robotics – an idea that is likely to be part of artificial intelligence as it develops.

Tachyon emissions, anyone? One of my favorite examples of a bit of fiction that is misused. (There is no such thing as tachyon emissions. So, yes, there are idiot examples that somehow end up in the real world.)

There were a few programs on last year about the science of Star Trek. The science of Star Wars…and how much of it was real or how it had pushed scientists to work on innovation based on these bits of science fiction.

So, why not some hot science fiction? Kirk got the babes. Mr. Spock got his fair share. So did McCoy. I’ve taken it a bit further in my two new shorts from Decadent Publishing. Humans on alien worlds, dealing with aliens, dealing with how aliens influence them… Fun stuff.

In The Ship’s Mistress, my main character is Jahari, a woman born on a human colony of Jamba. It is part of a large confederation whose only means of staying in touch with other human colonies is through the auspices of an alien race, the Etwa. The human colonies spent centuries alienated from each other and so developed into separate societies, all reverted to a more primitive society. Technology is remembered, but doesn’t function or exist.

Jahari’s world is patriarchal, viewing woman as next to worthless. Unless they are beautiful. Her little sister is beautiful and in order to save her sister from a life of exploitation, Jahari turns herself over to the alien race in trade for her sister’s safety. Her adventures begin seven years later, when she is plying her trade on a new world. What is her trade? She is a fully trained and extremely valuable Etwan High Slut, a trade she is suited for, enjoys and takes great pride in.

The second novella is The Sister’s Story/ Sari’s Search. Little sister has grown up and wants to know about her past, where she came from, who the girl is she barely remembers. Her search takes her to Jahari’s world but before then, she faces frightening adventures, along with passionate episodes with the two young men helping her.

I was raised with the gods of science fiction holding a place of honor. Of course I grew up and found myself wanting to include it in my writing.

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What about you, do you think SciFi is hot? What's your favorite SciFi book or movie and why? Comment below for a chance to win the ebook of The Ship's Mistress!


  1. You make a convincing argument, ladies, but I have never been a science fiction fan. LOL I have trouble getting into the worldbuilding, which makes up such a large part of sci fi books and movies. I can enjoy it once the characters take center stage though, because, in any story, that's what intrigues me the most. :)

    Congrats, Maureen, on your new releases!

  2. I adore SciFi in all it's forms; my first crush was Captain Kirk, and my first husband was Han Solo. I am currently having an affair with Peter from Fringe. But tv and movies are the spoon feeding types, SciFi novels open the mind to all possibilities, imagination is so much more powerful. Way hot, IMO. Looking forward to diving in!

  3. Other than Star Wars, I've never been a fan of Sci-Fi either. But even I know Nathan Fillion made it sexy. Hubba hubba.

    I admit, the idea of zero gravity sex sounds kind of interesting. Have any of that? LOL! Looking forward to these new stories. Keep kicking butt, Lady!

  4. Donna - We must work harder to convert you! Bwah ha ha!

    Elise understands... Peter, eh? I'd have a hard time choosing from the Fringe world...I like so many of them... ;-)

  5. I'm so excited for your new novella! I can't wait to read it and spread the hot SciFi love!

  6. Sabrina - I'll be interested to hear what you think. I did something new for me...wrote it in first person. Scary stuff!

  7. Terri - How did I miss your comment!? Geez, is it Monday?

    Zero gravity sex would only really be interesting if you have something to push against...the other person might work...but think about it... Thrust and you both going spinning toward the sun...

    I may write something in this universe eventually with low g sex...that would be nice...

  8. I have always been a SciFi fan. I think because of the fact that gender roles are usually much different in the future/scifi world than they are now. Women in scifi are often just as fierce warriors as men. It puts the genders on the same level and it makes their interactions much more complex. I love the TV shows Star Trek and Firefly most of all.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  9. I think I probably fell in love with SF after watching Star Wars. Which self respecting girl could resist Han Solo? *sighs*

  10. Stacie - I remember reading a lot about how important Uhura's part was in showing women in positions of importance with Star Trek.

    And I can remember reading Asimov's Foundation series where a female scientist plays a very important part!

    So I totally agree with you!

    Linda - Oh, yeah. Han...




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