Friday, April 1, 2011

Secondary Characters That Draw You In

So I've been listening to the second book in Sabrina Jeffries' School of Heiresses series and even with this second story, I'm still hit with the same feelings I had in the first. I care way more about Charlotte Harris and Michael's story than I do about the one I'm supposed to be reading/listening to!

I find myself waiting impatiently for each chapter to end so that the next chapter can open with another series of correspondance between Charlotte and Michael. THEY are the couple I long for and I eat up each little morsel of thier story as the chapters go by.

It does bother me slighly that the main story hasn't engrossed me enough to hold it's own against this so far very slight budding relationship between Charlotte and Michael. Is that because the stories aren't perfect for me, or is it that the Charlotte/Michael mystery is just so umm...mysterious that I can't help it!

I know that the final book in the series is their story, but I can't skip ahead! I feel like I need to see the exchanges between them through all the books or the final book won't be as compelling for me.

This got me thinking about other books and series that have secondary characters that take over the spotlight. Twitter seemed to agree with me last night that there are so many series where these characters become more of an interest than the main story itself.

What about you...What story have you read where you wanted the romance to focus on a character off to the side instead of the main hero and heroine? Is there a series you follow only for a chance to glimpse some small character's life? Have you read Sabrina Jeffries' series and felt the same way I did?


  1. I have had that happen in recently, Thank goodness later in the series it had a while book dedicated to that character.

  2. What a great perception! I haven't tried these novels but I have definitely felt that way about other books; of course I can't think of them right now - but when I do, I'll come back and let you know!

  3. I agree that the couple I want to read more about is Charlotte and Cousin Michael. They do get their own story as the last book of the series. It's like Eloisa James' series, in which the common thread throughout is more interesting than the main couples (Esme in the Duchess Quartet and the Duke of Villiers of the Desperate Duchesses).



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