Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back From Vacation!

So yesterday I got back from my Caribbean vacation and had to spend the day getting settled back into work before I could start posting again. I thought I would post a pic of the beach or me reading on the beach this morning, but my camera is not coorperating. :(

As a blogger, you always say you are going to write up some blogs to auto-post while you are gone, but in the hetic days leading up to your vacation it never seems to really happen. Usually I can also ask for guest bloggers and authors while I'm out but the day job has been crazy lately so I ran out of time for even that!

So, all that is to say I'm sorry I left you hanging in the lurch!

I have a few blogs coming up later today about some really awesome auctions going on right now for great causes and I hope you will come back to check them out.

I miss you all and hope you read something awesome this past week!

Cheeky Girl Sabrina


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