Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Borders Stores Will Close - Liquidations Coming Soon

It's with an incredibly sad heart that I write about the demise of my FAVORITE bookstore Borders. If you haven't been following the news, they've been having financial problems for the past few years and the hole just got bigger and bigger. Buyers fell through and Borders is now officially closing all it's store, laying off 11,000 employees, and liquidating all their inventory.

If you want the full details, check out this link to the Wall Street Journal articles.

Personally, Borders is where I buy all my books. I happen to work across the street from a store, and write this blog in the Cafe there on my lunch break most days. I don't know where I can go now for a break from my desk and to play in Romancelandia online.

I noticed that today on Twitter the #hashtag ThankUBorders has popped up and readers and authors are sending their appreciation and best wishes to the stores and employees. If you are on Twitter - please add your thoughts to the mix by using #ThankUBorders in your tweet.

Did you shop at Borders? Or did you shop somewhere else? Where do you buy most of your books? Lastley, what do you think the close of Borders means for readers in the future?


  1. I love Borders. Loved all their customer friendly coupons! I hardly ever actually BUY books, but when I did it was always at Borders. Very sad. =(

  2. I'm very sad about Borders closing. I've been worried about this for the past few years, and was telling everyone I knew to buy their books there, in the hopes of preventing this very thing from happening. :(

    I even did some seasonal work this past holiday season at a Borders, which closed in May. I still had hopes the rest of them would survive.

  3. I loved Borders. Their rewards card was free (ahem, B&N) and their help was great. Unfortunately, we lost all the Borders within reasonable driving distance in the first round of closures.

    I'm wondering if this is the death knell of bookstores in general. There aren't many left where I live, and if B&N goes, all that's left is the rack at Target or the market.

  4. I'm totally bummed about it. I will still have several independent bookstores in town...all too snobby to sell romance books. Sigh. I'm really bummed. I'll have to drive a good 45 minutest to get RT magazine, looks like I'll finally subscribe... I'm royally depressed...and I just upgraded by reward status card late last year...




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