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Book Review: The Perfect Wife by Victoria Alexander

Book Review: The Perfect Wife
By: Victoria Alexander
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Hearts

When the Earl of Wyldewood meets Sabrina Winfield, he thinks he’s found the ideal match.  Graceful and genteel, the elegant blonde will look simply exquisite displayed on his arm.  And a lady like Sabrina will undoubtedly occupy her time with proper matters, leaving him free to pursue his own pleasures…
But beneath Sabrina’s delicate beauty lies the most infuriatingly stubborn, wildly adventurous woman the earl has ever met.  She’s nothing like the perfect wife he had imagined.  And before long, all can think of is quieting her biting wit (with his kisses), putting an end to her outlandish schemes (with his own carefully planned seduction), and doing everything in his power to become the perfect husband.

This book was actually only the second one Victoria Alexander wrote, but you won’t be able to tell by reading it.  Aside from a few awkward scenes – the whole let’s go on a treasure hunt was a little random even with Sabrina’s reasoning – her story flow is top level. 
I was surprised at how well she was able to juggle several side stories and multiple characters.  Usually I feel like I don’t get to know the characters well enough when there is more than one love story happening at the same time, but I was able to get into each story and root for the characters.  And I loved how they all related to one another and interacted.  There isn’t anything I love more than a complicated cast.  Although, I will say that part of me wishes I had more time with the secondary characters.  I could easily see a trilogy here instead of one book.

Sabrina isn’t your typical Victorian-era heroine.  Instead of writing about a virginal maiden making her debut into society, Victoria tells the story of a grown woman who, according to society, is past her prime.  Don’t let her age fool you though; Sabrina acts more like a teenager than a woman closing in on 40. 
The mother/daughter relationship portrayed is also unusual for this genre, but greatly refreshing.  I love the banter between Sabrina and Belinda, even if at times they act more like sisters than mother/daughter.  Think Gilmore Girls in the early 1800’s. 

Nicholas is exactly the type of man to balance Sabrina’s wild side.  He is arrogant, stubborn, and prideful.  There is nothing more exciting in a book than two people who get on each other’s nerves so much they end up falling in love.  I do think Nicholas’ fall could have had a little more depth to it.  I wanted to really see him start to admire Sabrina, not just lust after her. 

If you’re seeking adventure and romance, and don’t mind overlooking a few minor flaws, look no further.  You’ll fall in love with these characters and enjoy every twist and turn this treasure-seeking tale has to offer.
Happy Reading!
Cheeky Girl L.A.


  1. VA is one of my favorites. There is just something about her characters that always pulls me in!
    Terrific review! It made me long to re-read several of her books.

  2. Thanks Gina! This was the first one I read of hers - I think, I'll have to check my collection- and I totally agree with you...she's awesome at bringing characters to life!

  3. Debbie Reed8/19/11, 6:57 PM

    What a great book review. I'm not really into Romance novels, but your review makes this book seem like a good one to read. Good job, LA!



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