Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review: The Hambledown Dream by Dean Mayers

By: Dean  Mayers
Paranormal Romance
5 Hearts

Story Blurb:
Australian Denny Banister had it all; a successful career, a passion for the guitar, and Sonya - the love of his life. Tragically, Denny is struck down with inoperable cancer.
Andy DeVries has almost nothing; alienated from his family, moving through a dangerous Chicago underworld dealing in drugs, battling addiction; all while keeping a wavering hold on the only thing that matters to him: a place at a prestigious conservatory for classical guitar in Chicago.

As Andy recovers from a near fatal overdose, he is plagued by dreams - memories of a love he has never felt, and a life he's never lived. Driven by the need for redemption and by the love for a woman he's never met, he begins a quest to find her, knowing her only by the memories of a stranger and the dreams of a place called Hambledown...

This book is one of the best I've read in a long time.

It was  one sitting book!  I rarely care for romance books by men, but this story is sweet,  poignant and very well written. The way he brings Andy and Denny together is very well done. I was afraid that one personality would become lost in the other but Dean manages to keep the best of both.

The author creates such wonderful word pictures that you feel like you are living it too.
 My favorite part is the music, I've never had the emotions of music described in words that were so powerful, it is very stirring.
Dean depicts the Chicago underworld graphically and has some pretty raw sex and language at the beginning. Please don't let this stop you from reading the rest. You will be glad you did! This is a great book.

Happy Reading!
Cheeky Girl Sharon


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed reading my novel and rated it so highly.

    To thank you, I would like to offer up a 'signed' digital copy to one lucky reader who posts a comment here between now and Monday the 5th of September.

    I'll pick a poster at random and send them through a copy in the format of their choice.


    Dean Mayes.

  2. Well, I am the publisher so my comments/opinions aren't totally unbiased... But, I felt the same way. When this book was submitted to us, I read the entire thing in a sitting, I couldn't put it down. Of course, I had to get Dean on board pretty darn quickly! So glad you enjoyed it...

  3. Always looking for a good book to read. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That books sounds so good, but soooooo sad! It will make me cry, won't it? :)

  5. A man writing romance? Super awesome! That alone makes it a to-read for me. But the fact that you rated it so highly? That makes it a must-read :)

  6. I really can't wait to read this book. You write fantastic reviews, they make want to run to Amazon and download them ASAP!



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