Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kick Start Me: A Guest Post From Author Terry Kate

The Sanction Chronicles YA Series on KickstarterGet Involved Before the Book is Written?

It has always been hard being a starving artist. Finding the time and money to make your masterpiece. When it comes to film, which was my area of study, money to start was a must. Film is NOT cheap. So there were patrons of the arts. But come on, who can afford to be a patron now?


I was clued into a magical things by a filmmaker - KICKSTARTER - and not only do they do films, music, art, they also cover BOOKS. So now starting at $1 you can be patrons of the arts? The answer is yes.
The Sanction Chronicles YA Series on Kickstarter
It works like PBS and you pledge money to a project you believe in and get rewards - prizes - cool items and one of a kind things like acknowledgements in the books. So I said, "I have a project let's give it a go. Lets see what people think huh?"

So I put up The Sanction Chronicles on Kickstarter yesterday. What do you Cheeky readers think? Is this the way to go for artists? Are authors allowed, to ask for you to almost pay for the book before they write it? What do you think?

Why are we up there for the Sanction Chronicles? Well I go big when I do things so we are doing an entirely interactive project with our book series and creating a "real" town where our characters are online blogging and posting to talk about the daily actions of the series. So we post multiple times everyday and it takes a lot of people to make a town seem like it is more than 3 people. We follow the students of Wind Haven High School from September to June - 10 months - so we need a little help and are giving Kickstarter a try.

I am excited to talk about this as an option for readers and writers to get involved with the my project and discover other works in progress to help.

So what is the story readers?

Terry Kate

and the

Sanction Authors


  1. Hi Cheeky!

    Thanks for having me on. I am so excited to see what readers think. I was going through the projects there and it is amazing what people are up to. I am also happy to answer questions if anyone has them and I will be on responding to comments.

    Happy reading all!
    Terry Kate
    The Sanction Chronicles

  2. This sounds really interesting. I like the idea of being able to help starving artists.

    I also like the idea of this town and the Sanction Chronicles, I think it's very interactive. The Hunger Games is doing something a little similar leading up to the release of the movie in March.

    There is a similar website for teachers: in which teachers write mini-grants and you can donate money to help them fund stuff for their classes.

  3. That is an awesome one for teachers!
    I agree that schools need all the help they can get and if the teacher is enthusiastic it is always worth supporting.

    Interesting that Hunger Games is doing that before the release of the movie. Kinda goes to show that this type of thing needs some $$$ behind it. In this case the studios not the publishing house.

    Thanks so much for the comment Fade,
    Terry Kate

  4. I'm not opposed to this at all. I presume that those who pledge do so because they believe in the author and the story with the understanding that their pledge may not result in what they had hoped for. I do think it carries some risk (very angry fans for example). But it seems like it is transparent enough that the people involved know what they are getting into.

    There are only a tiny few number of authors that I would ever pledge to support however so I don't know how successful of a model it would be.

  5. @Jane
    Hi Jane - thanks for the thoughts.
    I think it is very interesting that you say you would support a known quantity when it is the new authors getting started up that are struggling.

    If they already have readers would they need the support? Personally I also looked at the price of support. Like for us at $10 you get an acknowledgement and 2 ebooks that are worth $6. Then it becomes the fun of an acknowledgement at $4 perhaps as opposed to the possibility of disappointment.

    I guess I kind of see it as an adventure
    Terry Kate



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