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Lori Foster's A Perfect Storm Blog Tour - Win a Copy!

Welcome to Lori Foster's A Perfect Storm Blog Tour! 

Your Excerpt From A Perfect Storm: 

“Oh, aren’t you the generous one?”

He sighed. “The sneer is unappealing. Just tell me what it is.”

The narrowing of her eyes emphasized their pale, bright blue color and the thickness of her long, inky lashes. She drew two deep breaths, making it tough for him to keep his attention off her chest.

“It’s my birthday.”

Huh. Of all the things he’d imagined, that wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t even one of the top fifty. “Your birthday?” he said stupidly.

“Yeah, you know, the day I was born. Not under a rock, in case you’re wondering.” When he stayed mute, she added, “I’m twenty-one now. A legal adult. Not a little girl, like you keep saying.”

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Now, welcome Lori Foster to Cheeky Reads - Advice for Aspiring Romance Novelists: 

I suggest that budding romance writers write what excites them. Avoid the traps of trying to jump on the bandwagon, or emulate a successful author. If it’s not YOU, you won’t enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, why would anyone else?

Some writers prefer stand alone books. Some, like me, have characters that take over and show up again and again.  Some like writing sweet romances, and some like super-steamy and explicit. It is such an amazingly personal thing that you can’t, and should never try to, write for anyone but yourself.

I’ve had books that readers hated. Some that readers *really* hated. LOL. But I’m a realist. I know I can’t please all the readers all of the time. When disappointed readers write to me, I apologize. I AM sorry that they spent time on a book they didn’t enjoy. 

But will I change what I’m doing for them? I can’t.

What works for me is writing what I want, what I enjoy, the way that I want to write it, and the way that works for me. All writers should do the same.

Another tip for new writers – stay away from critique groups. It’s YOUR book, not a book by committee. Just because your critique partner doesn’t like it, just because she thinks it’s awkward, doesn’t mean you need to change it. The only opinions that matter are #1) yours, and #2) the editor’s.  Your critique partner cannot buy your book. All she can really do is point out typos, which is great, discourage you with criticism, which is self-defeating, or bolster you with praise, which may or may not jive with an editor’s opinion.

So avoid it.

Contests can also be a catch 22. Sure, you get immediate feedback and sometimes you get a connection with an editor or agent. But you also get immediate gratification – something you should get after you’ve _finished the book!_ NOT because you’ve written one to three chapters.

I’ve know unpubs who’ve polished that first chapter a dozen times. It’s been submitted in at least that many contests. It’s even placed in a few, or won in some. But the whole book? Why finish a book when you can send just one chapter in to win another contest?

Contests make it so easy to lose sight of the end goal – which is publication. 

New writers – keep your eye on that end goal! As soon as you finish a book and get it mailed off, start another. And another.

Thanks Lori! 

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Giveaway: The awesome team at Media Muscle is allowing me to giveaway 1 copy of A Perfect Storm to a lucky reader! Tell me what you love the most about romantic suspense and high-octane heroes and you'll be entered to win! 

Open in the US and Canada, a winner will be randomly selected on Friday April 20th. So leave a comment and include your email so I can forward your information to Media Muscle! 

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Eloisa James' New Release Paris In Love: Video & Preview Excerpt!

Excerpt: Paris in Love by Eloisa James (an excerpt)

Winners of Jane Green's Another Piece of My Heart!

The winners of a copy of Jane Green's Another Piece of My Heart are: 

Mariann & Kristin!

Ladies, I will email you for your information to pass on to the publisher to make sure you get your books! 

Happy Reading! 

Cheeky Girl Sabrina 

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Monday Morning Cuteness!

funny dog pictures - I Has A Hotdog: Hoomans Best Friend
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

As an animal lover and mom to 3 dogs, I'm a big supporter of organizations that help animals. Please consider adopting your next furry family member or including animal organizations in your charitable giving plans. Shelters can always use donations of cleaning supplies, old blankets, and all the things dogs and cats need. Every single thing helps! 

If you're interested, here is the ASPCA website with tons of information on easy ways you can help pets in your local area or ways to support laws that protect our furry pals. 


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