Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mary Balogh's The Proposal - Read An Excerpt Before It Goes on Sale 5/1/12

The Proposal by Mary Balogh


  1. I'm going to order this it sounds great! Thanks

  2. Mary Balogh fans should know what to expect, and they should also be happy with what they find here. Our hero is Lord Trentham, a gruff and introverted soldier without the slightest interest in romance. Our heroine is Lady Muir, a pretty young widow with a limp and a painful past. Lord Trentham rescues her, but he initially has no interest in her. This is the beginning of a lovely "opposites attract" story, where two different people try to resist their attraction for one another, but they ultimately find themselves drawn to each other again and again.

    The beginning was a bit slow-moving, but stick with it. No one develops characters better than Mary Balogh. They are deep and well-rounded, and you will want to see them get their happy ending. The conflict in this look is largely internal, but it still moves along at a steady pace.



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