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Book Review: Forgotten Dreams by Alexia Banks

Book Review: Forgotten Dreams
By: Alexia Banks
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Paranormal Romance
3 Heart Review

Book Blurb:
Shane Connelly – a pretty young entrepreneur – is determined to shake things up as she leaves her drone of a boyfriend Marc, and the mean streets of Miami far behind. She goes in search of greener pastures in the North Carolina mountains, but finds it’s anything but the perfect spot to while away the hot summer months.
Her recently acquired country home turns out to be a burned out hovel in the middle of nowhere – and after a series of unexplained and chilling visions – she suspects it’s haunted. With her hopes dashed before her adventure can even begin, she is about to head home when a handsome stranger unexpectedly arrives at her doorstep.
Before she can beat a trail out of Swan Creek wine country, Shane and her handsome Cherokee neighbor Jesse are inexplicably drawn together as they dodge bullets, unearth ghosts, and unravel a dark town secret. As events reach a surprising conclusion, Shane realizes that it’s not the high altitude that’s making her head spin, but her tall lover with the penetrating dark eyes.

The plot of this story was unique and interesting and I felt Mrs. Banks did a good job of unfolding the journey she was taking the heroine on. I also thought she did a great job of creating a full cast of characters in a short work which made the story feel more complete, not to mention that the side characters really added to the story. Many shorter stories fail to include supporting characters that actually reflect on the hero and heroine, but Forgotten Dreams provides extras that help us see the hero and heroine more fully.

I did want more development of the relationship between the hero and heroine. Time passes in the story and their relationship seems to grow and develop off the page in those in-between times more so than on the page. It made the story feel much more plot driven apart from the romance, instead of being romance centric. This was one of my main issues with the story, but if you don't mind the lighter focus on romance, then it might not be as much of a concern for you.

The meeting between the hero and heroine was a scene that I felt was slightly off. The circumstances are definitely creative, but I still had a hard time with how each reacted to the other. The scene felt a little over the top and dramatic for how the two characters had been portrayed up to that point. Both the hero and heroine came across as rude and even mean during that meet-up and that didn't flow with their personalities in the rest of the story. 

Most of all though, I wanted to read more of the romance. I wanted to really understand why the heroine Shane and hero Jesse fall for each other and I wanted to live through it with them. Give me more budding romance scenes! :) 

The plot really is the star of this story and I'll be looking for more books by Mrs. Banks based on that alone. If you are looking for a interesting paranormal story that's lighter on the romance side, you might enjoy Forgotten Dreams by Alexia Banks.  

Happy Reading! 
Cheeky Girl Sabrina 

Meet Alexia Banks:

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