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Cheeky Girl Loves Audio Books!

I admit I devour books like candy, but never thought I would enjoy having someone else – anyone other than the voices in my head that is – bring the characters to life for me. With an hour or so car commute each way to work, I decided to give audio books a try and I discovered a prefect way to pass the time and get some "quality" time in with my feisty girlfriends and those hot leading men!

I was very lucky that the very first audio book I tried was excellent – The Good, The Bad, and The Undead by Kim Harrison- which introduced me to the amazing Hollows world and I highly recommend the series both in audio and printed versions! I've since learned that audio books can be hit or miss – the success or failure hinging on the person reading and how well they handle the various characters.

You can usually tell within the first few tracks if the voice will connect with you or if you feel it paints the perfect world for you. My experience has been that most of the audio books are very well done. There have been only a few that were so bad I had to stop listening before I got through the first disc. I remember one distinct book that I really struggled to keep listening, since the first few tracks were just annoying! For some reason I hung in there and was rewarded with a light-hearted romp through France and a new series to follow!

Some great perks with Audio Books:


  • Car Commuting - Put your time behind the wheel to good use!
  • Great for putting on your iPod while you clean the house
  • You can download Audio Books just like eBooks - Look for upcoming posts on the various different Audio Book retailers
  • Great for travel when you don't want to carry paper books or have light to read by (I hate when they turn off all the lights on the plane and then my seatmate wants to sleep!)
  • When you want the excitement of having a book read to you like when you were 5 (only obviously now your book selections have changed) :)
  • Your local library already has a selection of Audio Books waiting to be discovered
  • Too many more to list!

Cheeky Reads will have a regular Audio Book feature where we'll review and discuss both upcoming and older titles. I hope you'll be enticed to try Audio Books for yourself, and if you already sing the praises of audio, then you'll find some great new books to listen to!

If you have any suggestions for audio books you would like to see reviewed, just leave me a comment below! If you're an author with an audio book - speak up and sing its praises!


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