Audio Lovin": Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot

Queen of Babble Audio Version
By Meg Cabot
Ready by: Justine Eyre
Books on Tape
2 Heart Review

So I'm catching up on all the reviews for all the audio books I've been listening to lately. I spent a lot of time in my car driving and was starting to forget all the audio books that had crossed my path. Enjoy and if you don't do the audio book thing, check out my post here about why I think they are the bomb. Yes, I did just totally dork out. :)

Having listened to the audio books of the previous Queen of Babble titles, I was already familiar with the characters and the readers voice and inflection. I think that made this particular audio book easier to get into despite a lead female character who had slightly annoyed me previously.

The gang's all here again, with the hero Luke starting to show his true colors and steady sidekick Chazz suddenly deciding he's loved Lizzie for years. After the very first book, I had high hopes for Luke as a real hero and was disappointed that he turned out to be such a...well...wanker.

Having Lizzie and Chazz come together does work perfectly, but there was something about the ending that left me unsatisfied. It seemed like a bit of a cop-out by Lizzie and by Chazz as neither gets what they had said they wanted. But, I guess compromise is what it's all about.

I really enjoyed the Ava Geck character and would have liked for her to play a bigger par t of the story. The way Ava and Lizzie come together at the end was a nice touch and you could see Ava grow as direct result of Lizzie's influence.

The loss of Lizzie's grandmother was very well done and threaded throughout the story so well that you felt it didn't just serve as a senseless plot twist.

If you've read the other Queen of Babble books, I recommend you read or listen to this one as well. It's a great ending to a story even if this book lacks a little something.


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