REVIEW: Twin Temptation By Cara Summers

By Cara Summers
Harlequin Blaze - June 2009
4 Heart Review

She didn't know she had a twin...

Maddie Farrell is about to get a double surprise – not only is she an heiress, she has a secret twin sister! What's more, their inheritance depends on temporarily switching places.

And she certainly didn't know sex could be this

Unexpected bonus? Sex with her sister's super hot roommate, Jase Campbell! But he's just a passing - if mind blowing – distraction.

But double the pleasure can also mean double the trouble...

Because as soon as the twin switch is over, Maddie's heading home. Unless she can't outrun the killer who'd rather see her dead than inherit. Or Jase, who'd like to keep blowing her mind – permanently!
Who knew you could wrap a nicely detailed mystery, suspense and romance all in one neat little Harlequin Blaze package? I mean, I knew it could be done, but this book is jam-packed! Somehow Cara manages to keep all the plot points flowing, while still making sure the romance shines. That's why this book deserves extra attention and is truly a step above!

Cara Summers expertly weaves the romance of Maddie and Jase, the mysteries of who killed Eva and robbed her store, and the suspense of who was trying to kill Maddie. It's a lot of story that Cara manages to fit into the traditional Harlequin mold, and she does it extremely well.

The mystery has you guessing, the suspense has you wondering who's around the next corner and the romance has you fanning yourself from all the heat coming from the page. This is three great stories combined into one detailed and well plotted book. What's more, is that Cara even manages to nicely set-up and hint at the “sister” story to this book that will be released in July and features Maddie's twin sister Jordan and her experiences at outrunning a murder plot.

The only thing keeping this from being a 5 Heart Review, was that I didn't feel I got to know Maddie enough to connect emotionally with her. I liked her and thought she and Jase worked well together, but with all the other things taking place in the book something had to go and that was getting to know Maddie better.

That said, you still can't go wrong picking up this book, and I'll venture to say you should pick up the sister's story in July titled Twin Seduction.

Happy Reading!

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  1. nice review. I keep asking myself why I am so turned off by Harlequin books, one of these days I am going to get over it and start reading them more frequently.