Romance Book Review: Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips

Romance Book Review: Lucky Streak
By: Carly Phillips
HQN Books
3 Heart Review
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Long ago, a witch proclaimed an eternal curse that every Corwin male who married for love would be destined to lose his woman and his fortune...

When Mike Corwin awakens after some wild partying in Vegas $100,000 richer and married to Amber, the gorgeous woman he met the night before, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. The bad news is that Amber's a con who takes his money and runs. Seems the family curse has finally hit him. Hard.

But to Amber, Mike isn't business as usual. If only she didn't need the money to ensure her father's safety, she might actually have fallen for the intense lawman. Instead, she's forced to betray him.

Now Mike's hell-bent on divorce and Amber's on the run...but when a twist of fate reunites them, can they turn their run of bad fortune into a lucky streak?

Lucky Steak is Carly Phillips’ second book in the Corwin Curse series and I found it to be a cute story with lots of fun characters. Not only did I enjoy Amber and Mike, but Mike’s family is loads of fun and the bad guys chasing Amber add some extra excitement.

The storyline is very believable and will probably hit close to the heart for many readers. Amber is a con only because she desperately needs to pay for her father’s nursing home and care. Mike is afraid of true love because his experience with it has only been through his messed up family (and of course the famous Corwin Curse). These are highly likeable characters and I really cheered for them to get together.

I enjoyed the story, but felt that there was so many characters and side stories that it took away from Mike and Amber. In particular, I felt that the scenes with Jason Corwin were forced into the book as a set-up for the next one. I do think his story sounds very interesting, but throwing in his scenes at the end of Lucky Streak just cluttered things up to me.

Lucky Streak was an enjoyable book, but it didn’t totally engross me. This might have been because of all the side stories and characters. I would have liked more focus on Mike and Amber. Although time passes in the book, very little of that time is spent with Mike and Amber together getting to know one another. This left me wanting more to their story. I wanted more Mike and Amber and less side characters. What I can say is that the story is fun to read and the writing made me laugh out loud!


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