Way to Step Up your Game Lifetime!

Okay - So Lifetime Network isn't exactly a romance book, but it is the network that brings many of our favorite romances to the small screen! (Remember the recent Nora Roberts movies?)

I'm not an everyday Lifetime watcher, but I do check it see what they have on and have found myself watching more than usual lately. First up where the Killer Hair and Hostile Makeover movies on Lifetime Movie Network- I love the Crimes of Fashion books by Ellen Byerrum - the movies were high quality and the casting was great! Head to the website to watch the entire movie online along with extra videos from the cast!

During those movies, I caught the promos for the new show Drop Dead Diva. I couldn't decide if it would be cute, or if the premise of a skinny girl who dies and comes back as a larger size woman would be too preachy about weight and not light enough for laughs.

I shouldn't have worried - I caught the pilot on the other night and it was extremely cute! The shows premise on being more than what you look like on the outside is there - which is great! - but there was also so much more to like. The lead actress is fantastic and I hope Hollywood takes notice! She's what made this pilot really pop for me and I think as the show develops we'll see even greater things from her. Oh, and of course Margaret Cho is awesome as always.

Wanna watch the entire pilot episode online? Check it out! The regular season starts this Sunday at 9PM EST.


  1. I've been dying to see this...thanks for the link. I'm a Lifetime fan, too, but don't watch it ALL the time. My friend Vickie was telling me about DDD and how great it was, so I've been trying to catch it to DVR. But this is great!!

  2. Watched this show the other night too...I thought it was great!