Cheeky Reads Awarded The Kreativ Blogger Award!

Cheeky Reads was honored to receive the Kreativ Blogger from the lovely Mrs. Emily Bryan and fantastic blogger Heather! Thank you so much Emily and Heather. Check out Emily's favorite things here, and Heather's Here.

To accept the award, I must post about my seven favorite things and pass the award along to seven other deserving here goes.

My seven favorite things (as of this moment):

1.) I'm going to be a copycat and say my DH has to top the list. He puts up with all my craziness and loves me anyway!

2.) Puppies - All dogs are puppies to me and I love them all! I especially love my two fluff-monsters at home.

3.) The Library - Since I was a child I've always thought of the library as an amazing adventure and refuge. I wish our society would love them as much as I do! Anytime I have an afternoon to spare, I inevitably end up perusing the stacks at my local branch. I mean, they have everything - books, magazines, movies, books on CD, etc. The list is endless. And the best part? I'm happy to let my tax dollars pay for something that I can use and that contributes to making society better instead of the millions of other things our taxes get wasted on!

4.) Discovering a "new to me" author - There is nothing like reading a book you really enjoyed, only to find out that the author has a hefty backlist! Love that!

5.) Talking about romance books - If this wasn't one of my favorite things, then Cheeky Reads wouldn't be around. I look at this blog and others as my place to connect with fellow romance readers.

6.) Traveling - Adore it! The DH and I have a map where we mark all the places we've been. It really is our top priority in life - to experience life across the world. I can't wait till our next trip.

7.) Coffee & Wine - Come on...I had to include those! Coffee is my morning drug of choice and Wine is...ummm yeah, Wine! I have fun trying to find the best of both while keeping it relatively cheap.

There are tons of great blogs out there, but here are seven that I love to visit and want to bestow the Kreativ Blogger award to:

Killer Fiction - a fantastic group of authors who crack me up on their blog all the time. You should check out their books too - great reads!

Leontine's Book Realm & Marissa's Book Lair & Pearl's World of Books - three great book reviewers and they give great tweet!

Romance Writer's Revenge - If you are a writer, or just starting out, I highly recommend this fantastic blog. Don't be scared of the pirates, they are usually drunk on rum and have a jolly good time talking about all things writing!

The Daily Dose - a great blog about fantasy and romance by an author I really enjoy.

In My Humble Opinion - author TJ Bennet's blog where she has amazing guest bloggers and some very interesting topics!
Thanks again Emily and Heather for the award!


  1. Awww, we're on the list!! Huzzah! Rum all around! And listed with Killer Fiction, who I also follow like a fan girl!

    I think I know IMHO--isn't she the author of The Legacy?

  2. YAY! Thank you Sabrina! I love your blog too and it tickles me that you thought of the Daily Dose for this.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'm flattered that you liked my blog, IMHO (and yes, I am indeed the author of The Legacy AND The Promise).

    Okay, so how does this work? It's sort of like a chain letter you WANT to get, right? I tap seven other blogs? Can I pick Killer Fiction, too, because I love that one as well.


  4. Yeah! Thank you so much for considering me for this award! I love your blog as well!

  5. Wow, Oh I just came here to read your latest blogpost when I saw my name up for the award, thank you! *smile from ear to ear*