Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Cheeky Reads Goals For The Future

As Book Blogger Appreciation Week draws to a close, today's blog topic is to discuss what we like most about our blogs currently and the goals we want to set for the future.

Cheeky Reads is only about half a year old, and I'm been so happy to see how its evolving. Although I know I'm still finding my voice, I'm proud that the reviews I post are getting stronger and I'm sticking to my idea of writing them like a conversation with friends.

I'm happy to be the book blogger who doesn't give away plot points and spoilers. I don't want to be the serious critical reviewer - I think there are so many high profile bloggers out there who already do this exceptionally well. What I wanted was a place to discuss the books I read and to give others the chance to join in. So far, I think Cheeky Reads is living up to my hopes.

For the future, I would really like to see the blog move forward technically. I'm basically teaching myself html as I go, but I would LOVE to see real sections and pages to Cheeky Reads. I'd love to spiff up the entire blog with sharper graphics.

I think I'm doing a much better job of posting regularly, but my goal is to post at least one review a day because at the end of day after all the fun freebies and downloads, this is a romance book review blog. That's not to say I don't love the giveaways! They are the best part!

Beyond more book reviews, better navigation and graphics and finding my voice, my goal is to grow my followers and traffic to the site. Because it's much more fun to write a blog if you have people that will comment! I don't write Cheeky Reads just to review what I thought, I write to create a discussion with my fellow Cheeky Readers!
Help me out - let me know what you like about Cheeky Reads, and what you think about my goals for the blog in the future! Feel free to let me know if you don't like something too. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Cheeky :)

    I applaud yours goals, but one review a day is pretty aggressive. I know I would like to do that too, but find that one a week is probably more realistic at least for me. And variety is the spice of life :)

    Love your rating system, and your reviews. I agree about not giving away plot points and spoilers and having it be more like a conversation. Those are the types of reviews I like

  2. I personally enjoy to read your reviews and MEME's and yes, like booklover said, you have a very unique rating always makes me grin.

    Take your time in finding your voice, in what works for you, cultivating your blog in the menatime and head out and mingle with other bloggers :)

  3. I am new to your blog and just picked you up in my reader. I can't offer any suggestions but to say I like what I have seen so far! Good luck with your goals.

  4. I'm looking to grow as well. I also hope peope will join my discussion forum.

    Book Reviews

  5. I'm going to try to post once a day too. Good luck!

  6. I enjoy this site and signed up to be able to keep up on things. I love contests, books and like to chat with authors. susan L.

  7. I enjoy author interviews and will visit blogs to chat with my favorite authors. I like that your reviews are fair and not mean sprited.

  8. Visiting for the first time from BBAW. Just wanted to say that I love the title of your blog and your header. I think your design is fantastic! I don't read many romance books (truth be told I don't read all that much of anything these days while chasing a toddler around), but now I know where to come (or where to point others) if I'm looking for one!