Book Review: Hex in High Heels by: Linda Wisdom

Book Review: Hex in High Heels
By: Linda Wisdom
4 Heart Review
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Feisty witch Blair Fitzpatrick has had a crush on hunky carpenter Jake Harrison forever - he's one hot shape-shifter. Just when Blair thinks the relationship is really starting to sizzle, Jake pulls back - the last thing he wants to do is involve Blair in his dysfunctional family dynamics.

Jake's nasty mother and brother are after him to return to his pack, and a bunch of unruly elves start causing all kinds of chaos. Blair is trying hard not to unleash the ultimate revenge spell, but when Jake's enemies try to force him away from her, Blair is pushed over the edge. No one messes with her boyfriend-to-be, even if he does shed on the furniture!

I had a fantastic time reading Hex in High Heels! Although this was not the first book in Linda Wisdom's Hex series, it was super easy to fall right into the story of "feisty witch" Blair and Shapeshifter Jake's story. Linda weaves a wonderful world were magical creatures exist within our midst and she shows both the light and dark side within that world - all while keeping it hexy and sexy! I now have a new series to go back and enjoy from the beginning!

My love of a good witchy paranormal has been mentioned before, but I can never say it often enough - there is something be-spelling about them for me! I enjoy both light and dark witch stories, jut will say my favs are always those with humor and sass. Hex in High Heels has humor and sass to spare...along with some great sex appeal and fantastic pacing.

This book is a perfect example of how secondary characters can add to a story, without taking away from the hero and heroine. From the other witches that pop in and out, to the Elves, ghosts and gargoyle, Linda's secondary characters are hysterical fun and I hope we see them in other books. I wasn't particularly drawn to the fuzzy bunny slippers, but maybe I'm missing something from the earlier books?

The storyline about how there are thirteen witches banished from the witches academy in 1313 is very creative and I can't wait to see what clues or tidbits about that we'll get in the other books. It definitely has my interest piqued to find out more of the story and how powerful these thirteen witches really are.

My one wish for the story was to see Blair use her magic a little more and to see a better glimpse at how powerful she supposedly is. I did feel that she was saved a little too much by other powerful beings instead of using her own powers.

If you're a fan of crazy, funny witch heroines who are sassy and...dare I say it...CHEEKY, then I think you'll really love Hex in High Heels and the Hex series from Linda Wisdom. It's a perfect Halloween treat!


  1. I saw this at B & N today, I thought the title was super cute. Glad I saw this review. I love stories that have sassy heroines they're the best!

  2. Always nice to know it's easy to join a series in the middle. Thanks. Sounds a really fun book.

  3. This book looks great, I've been meaning to read it. Sometimes I get in the mood to read some light stuff.