Harlequin’s More Than Words Program & Giveaway

I was excited to be contacted and asked if I would be interested in speaking about and giving away a copy of the new More Than Words anthology from Harlequin. Of course I said yes!

The More Than Words program is nothing short of amazing. With the mission of “enhancing the well-being of women,” Harlequin uses the More Than Words program to:

  • Raise awareness about worthy causes that are of concern to women
  • Provide financial assistance to these important charities
  • Engage employees, authors and readers and the general public in worthy causes and provide opportunities for them to make a difference
  • To this end, they select (from your nominations) 5 kick-ass women who are contributing amazing things to our community. Please, check out this year’s winners and see what you can do to help empower women everywhere!

    2009 Recipients:

    Katherine Chon: Polaris Project
    Rhonda Clemons: Zoë Institute
    Barbara Huston: Partners In Care Maryland
    Roni Lomeli: Shoes That Fit
    Lara Tavares: Sky’s the Limit Youth Organization

    Another awesome part of the program is the annual anthology that is inspired by these recipients. I’m excited to be able to offer one book to a lucky commenter, but please also consider buying the book here. Proceeds from the book go to the More Than Words Charity Program!

    More Than Words Little by little, one person at a time, we can make our world a better place. The five dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have done just that, by discovering a seed of compassion, and nurturing it to effect real change in their communities. To celebrate their accomplishments, five bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing short stories inspired by these real-life heroines.

    We hope More Than Words inspires you to look into your heart and find the heroine who lives within.

    Who has most inspired you in life? Let me know and you’ll be entered to win a copy of More Than Words Volume 6!

    The contest will go through May 2nd, with the winner announced May 3rd. Open to US and Canada residents only.


    1. This sounds like a wonderful cause. If I had to choose one person, who has inspired me most, it would be my mother. As a child she inspired me with art and her talent for drawing--now I sell my own art. As a teenager she inspired me with independent thinking and reaching outside my comfort zone. She was there for me when I battled Cancer and she is my best friend. :)

    2. It was my husband who I met when I was 16. He was a little older than me but a really good man & a christian. He inspired me to do better. My life was crazy before I met him. We've been together for over 21 years now and married 18. He just makes me want to be the best I can be.

      When I lost my Dad at 17 to brain cancer he was my rock. He's alwasy loved me and supported me in everyway.

    3. The person who inspired me to be a teacher were my junior high school teachers. The women whom never gave up on me and never said I couldn't achieve anything. They gave me the best advice and the most inspiration.

      cindyc725 at gmail dot com

    4. Definitely my mom. Through hardships right from the beginning of her life to now, she has always managed to sway the odds in her favor. Thus, she has shown me how to be a strong person and to move forward in life no matter what gets thrown at you.

    5. What a great idea! I can't wait to read the book. My biggest inspiration was my mom. She gave birth at 17, so we pretty much grew up together. She was so smart, strong, and funny. She fought cancer with all she had, and even though we had to let her go in 1997, I still feel her around me when I need her. She was my best friend, and I only wish I could be as great a person as she was every single day of her life.

    6. I would have to say my mother. She had me when she was a teenager, so we grew up as sisters and best friends. I learned from her experiences and advice. She never held anything back from me, not her struggles or her triumphs. She thaught that if she can get to where she is today, then surely no matter what life throws at me i possess the strength to overcome it.

    7. My son is the person who has inspired me. I was a young mother and became a single mother when he was just starting kindergarten. He made me want to better myself, to go to school, to finally buy my first house, to move to a better position at work. I tried to give him a better life and because of him I had a richer life.

    8. My mother was the one who inspired me and she wasn't my natural mom. I was abandoned at five days old by my natural mom and raised by the only mom I ever knew. She showed me love and taught me to look up and be proud of who I am and not to let by child hood get in the way of my happiness for a future. susan L.

    9. I would have to say my mother. She is so inspiring to me and so many other people. I was a sickly child. She would sacrifice so much to make sure that I was well and had everything I needed. As a single mother who did not have much, she provided with love. I always felt as though I had enough. She also showed me the gift of giving. She's constantly donating her time and money to different charities. She rally up for different causes and she get teams of people to achieve each goal. I still follow in her big footsteps and try to give as much back as possible. I think if we all just do a little, a whole lot will get accomplished in this world.

    10. My mom is the one person who has inspired me most in life. She is a very strong woman who stands up for herself, and can always find an answer for every problem that comes along. I wish I was more like her. Please enter me. Thanks!


    11. The person who inspired me most was my grandmother. She was always there with a freshed bake treat after school and a shoulder to cry on when needed. No matter what adversities she faced in life i never heard her complain. She always greeted everyone - regardless of age, race, gender, or social standing with a genuine smile that reached her eyes.

      Pam S


    12. The person who insired me was someone was a teacher I had in high school. HE inspired me to try my best.