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MCB-photo-verysmall Why I find Snape Sexy: My Love Affair With Sorcerers.

I think my love affair with sorcerers started when I was a kid and read (and reread) a French historical series called Angélique by Anne and Serge Golon. Set in the 17th century, the series featured a heroine whose one true love was her first husband, a count and alchemist who was left limping after a brush with the inquisition and that she believes dead for a big part of the series until she is reunited with him after many adventures. He was older and wise and yes, very sexy.

Later in my teens, I fell for a powerful wizard from the first Dragonlance series written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. This wizard, called Raistlin Majere, is physically weak but extremely powerful. And maybe that is why I love wizards and sorcerers so much, it’s their powers that make them so alluring.

There is a great scene in one of the Harry Potter movie where Snape dramatically enters the classroom, his robes billowing behind him as he closes the window shutters with one hand gesture. I love that scene. So much power! How can I not fall for Snape there! I know, he’s a little creepy, but I always fell for the underdog. When Harry Potter screams his Patronus charm and yells Expecto Patronum in the dark forest, in yet another very intense scene of a Harry Potter movie, I can see how enticing he will become as a man.

It’s no wonder I chose to make my ANCIENT WHISPERS heroes sorcerers. Not only they possess this incredible magical power, but also, because I can do what I want in the word I created, these men are tall, strong and extremely handsome. Most were warriors in their time and learned magic as they became immortal in order to find their lost soul mates who are now reborn in modern time.

Replacing wizard robes with long coats that hide the magical components needed for their spells and the enchanted dagger that cuts through various dimensions, these sorcerers are everything I always dreamed of, strong, sexy, and powerful, very powerful. They make a woman want to hide in their arms, absolutely protected from anything within the safety of their coats, their masculine scent enveloping them like an overwhelming yet enticing shadow.

When I started to write about my sorcerers, each deadly, haunted by a tortured past, I hadn’t read any modern romance with wizard, sorcerer or alchemist hero. I am sure they exit and I’d love to find more. Just last month I discovered Jim Butcher’s series the Dresden files. When I read on the book cover that it was like a wizard Robert B Parker book, I knew I had to read the series (I’m a Robert B. Parker addict). I bought the first one and wasn’t disappointed. I’m waiting impatiently for the next ones in the series that I just ordered,

AncientWhispers-original-medium So here is my challenge to you readers, please give me some recommendation of wizards, sorcerers or magic-user romance that, like mine, is set in real world modern time. I am currently happy reading the Dresden files, but I need something else to read next!

Please give me a suggestion and I’ll give-away a signed copy of ANCIENT WHISPERS to a lucky commenter!


Marie-Claude Bourque is the American Title V winner and author of ANCIENT WHISPERS, a sensual gothic paranormal romance filled with sorcerers and Celtic priestesses in search for eternal love in modern time. She worked as a climate research scientist, a scientific translator and a fitness expert until she turned to fiction writing. She draws her inspiration from the French legends of her childhood and a fascination for dark fantasy.

ANCIENT WHISPERS, a Dorchester –Love Spell release is available now wherever books are sold. Find more at www.mcbourque.com and don’t forget to enter the contest for her month-long virtual release party at www.mcbourque.com/launchparty


  1. Oddly enough, Nora Roberts has a trilogy that features a magician, vampire, vampire hunter, shape shifter, and a couple of other people that is very good. It is called the circle trilogy. It combines time travel with various other things, but the bulk of it is in modern times.


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    I am giving away a copy of The Devil's Diaries over at Tiffany's Bookshelf. So far only 1 person entered. Please stop over and become a follower and leave a comment to enter, that is all there is too it, so simple!


  3. For wizards you can't beat Merlin or Gandalf. Ahh, the classics.
    --Gabi Stevens

  4. If you haven't already read them, I HIGHLY recommend Karen Marie Moning's HIGHLANDER series. It's full of druids and while some parts of the books are historical, there is a large part of them that involve time travel to modern times.

    I'd also suggest her FEVER series - an insanely awesome series set in modern Dublin Ireland full of druids, fae, vamps, etc. This series is chock full of awesome.

  5. Kathleen Nance often writes about magic. I remember liking a contemporary djinn book of hers from a while back called MORE THAN MAGIC. (OK, I must have really liked it to remember it, because I just looked it up and it's from 1999!)

  6. Cheyenne McCray, Anya Bast and Annette Blair have some great books that have magic in them.

  7. Well Nora Roberts is the only modern one I can think of, but if you are interested in historical type Quinn Taylor Evans writes a series I belive it's called Merlins Legacy. I read it some time ago and it was great.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  8. Hi everyone,
    Thanks you so much for the recommendations :)
    Someone else just mentionned to Circle Trilogy by Roberts and I remember now that it was on my TBR pile and I forgot.
    I'll have to check the other ones :)
    And of course, Gandalf and Merlin. I adore them :) Not in a sexy so way but almost LOL

  9. What a great and fun post! Sad to say that I can't name any wizards off the top of my head. Vampires, yes, but wizards, no, lol. I loved First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost, which has a magical/paranormal theme to it.

  10. Nora Roberts has a few series that have witches and magic in them. Can't remember the names right now of course but they are all great books.

    dcf_beth at verizon dot net

  11. LOVE Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan books. Last few have added some male witches - lots of vampires, wolves,etc...

  12. I recently read Stacia Kane's Unholy Ghosts - and am doing a giveaway of it on my blog till June 8. It's very dark and gritty, but a good read.


    mdperera at hotmail dot com

  13. Hi!

    I just had to stop by and say that Raistlin was my first 'book crush'. I know, I know..he isn't really -nice- but soemthing about being highly intelligent and not overly liked was why I liked him. The Dragonlance books really got me into the fantasy genre and my love for books has grown from there. For romances with witches and the like..there was a set about a coven of witches in San Francisco..I'm trying to remember the name. White witches, mostly. Involved elf kings and such too. And the Fomarri..I just can't remember the titles. :)

    Thanks for the great article!

    -- Anna

  14. Brenda Joyce has a series out called Masters of time that has witches and magic users also time travel.

    Yasmine Galenorn has a series called Sisters of the Moon. They are three sisters from another world that come to earth. One is a vampire, one a witch and the other a shapeshifter