Book Review: The Sexy Devil by Kate Hoffman

Book Review: The Sexy Devil
By Kate Hoffman
Harlequin Blaze June 2010
3 Heart Review

He's her ultimate challenge...

Meet Max Morgan. Unrepentantly sexy. Impossible to resist. He's broken countless hearts across the country - including Angela Weatherby's...

When Angela first met Max, she'd been young, sweet and impressionable. But time and experience have changed that. Now she can see what kind of man he really is. 

Unfortunately, he's still the man she wants more than her next breath. 

And she finally gets him! Angela's night with Max is magical. He knows just what to do, where to touch, how to make her feel. He's the perfect man for her. 

Too bad she's not the first woman to believe that. But will she be the last?

I'm a Blaze Girl - Harlequin Blaze that is. If you have never tried a Harlequin category book before, I would suggest starting with the Blaze line. These are sexy, modern stories for today's woman and in a length that works so well with your busy life. I can't tell you how much I love the freedom this shorter length of book gives me - I know I can start the book and finish it within 1-2 sittings. It takes the pressure off having to set aside so much time to get into a longer length romance. The size also fits so well into any purse! :)

The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. I'm constantly looking for new or different covers adn this one caught my eye becuase the hero on the cover is not your typical short-haired white guy with a set of guns (i.e muscles). Instead, it's an olive skinned man with dark, slightly longer hair and a sophisticated look. I love that the front cover blurb says "Trouble never looked so good!"

I really enjoyed this book. It was a solid read that althougth there were a few small things I felt slightly off about, there were no issues that drew me out of the story. In fact, I quite liked the hero and the heroine and enjoyed reading them come together.

One thing that I wished hadn't featured so much, was the back story of Angela following Max to college. Yes, I know that young girls do things like this but it made it hard for me to picture Angela as an adult woman ready for sex, real love and happily ever after. I found myself feeling like she was much to young for this story. Likewise, I wished that Max had a little more age on him as well.

I did highly enjoy Max proving Angela wrong both about himself and his supposed playboy ways, and about how attractive Angela is. Angela's rate-a-man website is also a very fun part of the story and I was happy to see what Angela decides about that in the end of the book. That decision helped give her maturity in my eyes and made the story feel more compelte.

Again, a solid book but nothing about it went above and beyond to me. Very fun, easy to get through and refreshing to have a light-weight conflict I would recommend this for a nice, quick read.


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