Reading Withdrawls: What's Your Book Genre Crack?

Lately my life has been jam packed with special events, crazy day-job hours and projects, and unexpected family tragedies. It left me without much time for reading and I realized that the longer I go without reading a book, the stronger the siren song of my TBR pile.

The reading withdrawals have also made me start thinking about what specifically I want to read the first chance I get. What book in the TBR is calling out the loudest? Or is it an keeper shelf favorite that has me in her clutches? Then the responsible adult part of me asks "What book do I need to read to review first?"

Sometimes those books that you know publishers and authors are waiting for reviews on can make looking at the TBR pile almost lose it's hold on me. Not entirely, but knowing people are waiting to hear what you thought can feel overwhelming when sometimes all you want to do is pick the book you are most in the mood to read!

And I've said it before, but I really want to review books when I'm most in the mood to read that genre. I mean if my heart is calling out for a historical, am I really setting up the best reviewing scenario if I pick up that paranormal that I know is releasing soon and feel is more time sensitive?

It's a hard question to answer. I do think that great books speak for themselves and as soon as I start reading, if it's a good book, it will pull me in no matter the genre. On the other hand, sometimes feeding the addiction with the right drug, ha - genre, seems to me would make for a happier and more fulfilled reader.

It's a balancing act, and one I try my best to do when scheduling what I'm reading and reviewing. I do try very hard to give myself enough time to be able to pick up a book for review when I'm in the mood for that genre. It doesn't always happen, but I'd say 80% of the time I can get it to work that way.

Times like now though, it kinda goes out the window. I'm starving for a the hit of a good book and the longer I go the more I can tell I will only be satisfied by X genre. I know exactly what genre book I'm picking up next and hopefully reading one good (again, hopefully) book in that genre will feed the beast and let me relax into reviewing/reading what needs to come next.

So, when you haven't read a book in a what seems like forever (which for me is like 2-5 days) what genre are you drawn to? Is it the same genre every time or do your tastes change according to your mood? Let's hear it!


  1. I'm going through that experience right now. I've got so many books I feel like I *need* to read that I can't bring myself to WANT to read any of them. I have a stack of holds from the library, all of which seemed exciting when I requested them, but too many came at once. So somehow the time pressure of needing to read them before the lending period is up makes them feel like homework. And I've got several books waiting on my Kindle by new or new-to-me authors that are getting rave reviews, but I'm almost afraid to start them because so many people are gushing about them online that I don't see how they can live up to the hype.

    So this morning I grabbed a traditional Regency from my TBR shelf. I buy those whenever and wherever I find them and keep them on hand for moods like this. They were one of my romance gateway drugs as a teen (along with Sunfire YA historicals), so reading them is like a homecoming.

  2. I tend to shy away from contemporary no matter my mood, and after a reading drought, I LOVE historicals. Any form. Doesn't have to be Regency, though Regency-set is my favorite. The historical does have to be foreign (non-American)-set. Sometimes paranormal, but I'm still new to reading that sub-genre.

    Great question!

  3. heh genre crack XD

    I usually turn towards traditional regency romances or comedic fantasies. If its a REAL serious funk I run to my anthology shelf and just tear through those until I fet my reading bug back XD

  4. I have a fairly long list of autobuy authors, so I usually have a book by one or more of them waiting to be read. They are the books I reach for first. For example, last week I read a book to review that I had to force myself to finish. My reward was Robyn Carr's Jan. '11 release. If I've read several books that didn't wotk for me consecutively, I reread a keeper. I need to be reminded of why I love the genre.

  5. It can be so tricky picking the right book to read! I need the distraction of a good book right now, and even though there are plenty of books around, they don't seem to be the "right" one, and I don't want to leave to get something from the library or the bookstore. (Good thing I don't have the instant access of buying for an e-reader -- I'd be like one of those lab rats constantly pushing the button for more food!)

    I also need a book that can make me escape BUT isn't so good it makes me fret about my own writing abilities. LOL Makes for some tough choices!

  6. When I'm running like a loon and just need a reading fix, I will likely grab a mystery. A fast, cozy little mystery.


    Because I can get the fix in, read it fast and get on to another book. And I stick to authors or publishers I trust to keep me entertained.

    If it's been a real drought, I'm likely to shy away from the stuff I know will totally lure me to abandon the rest of my life and just read... I want to save the best reads for when I don't feel like I'm losing time from the things I 'need' to be doing!

    Good to see you back on your sight, Sabrina!

  7. I usually run to a werewolf shifter story to pick me up :) I usually try to make it a novella, too, so it'll be a quick fix.

  8. Historical romances always works!

  9. Usually a thriller or historical romance will get me back on the reading wagon.