4 Heart Book Review: Caught on Camera by Meg Maguire

Caught on Camera
by Meg Maguire
Harlequin Blaze April 2011
4 Heart Review

How to Survive the Night with the Hottest Guy on Camera

Wilderness survival television star Dominic Tyler (TY) and his assistant Kate Somersby are stranded in a remote cabin during a freak winter storm. Things look pretty bleak – until they make a fire and strip off their wet clothes...

Act 1 – Set Up
Survive This! Is Kate's life...as are the unscripted fantasies about Ty, her boss and best friend. But when Kate is suddenly injured, Ty decides filming is too dangerous for her. This will be Kate's last adventure for a while.

Act II- Plot Point

Kate is furious and threatens to quit. But Ty needs her. So what can he do? Keep her occupied by filming every minute of their intense and definitely unrehearsed sex!

Act III – Cliff-Hanger
It's Kate's choice now: Her hard-won career? Or end credits featuring dangerously wild sex with Ty? Ha. Some choice. But either way, the final cut is guaranteed to be a thrilling ride!

The Cheeky Nutshell:
Meg Maguire is an exciting new Harlequin Blaze author who'll be on my auto-buy list for her emotionally complicated but totally realistic characters that I loved from page one. Caught on Camera was a tightly structured book that kept the entire focus on the emotional struggles of the hero and heroine. The intense focus on the internal conflicts in this story raised it above the average Blaze, which with how much I love Blazes says quite a lot.

I liked the fun tone of the back cover copy on this book and actually feel like the book is both slightly different than the blurb describes, and also much better. The blurb doesn't give the reader even a hint of the deep emotions these two characters have for each other from before the story even begins.

That was something else about this story that I loved, that the love fully existed on page one and the reader got to spend the entire book wrapped in those emotions.

This was happily a nicely hot and steamy book and I enjoyed the interaction between Kate and Ty. Both their verbal sparring and hot and heavy moments. Ms. Maguire can sure write a kick-ass love scene. :)

One thing that pulled me out of the story slightly was this thing Ty did about almost kissing Kate. Maybe it was something in the description. Maybe it was that it was from Kate's point of view and our understanding of it was muddled up with her not understanding it. It just seemed slightly off. Made me go "What?" You'd have to read the story to fully get it, I'm just not able to fully explain why it threw me off.

Lastly, there were a few points in this book where I thought "Oh no, it's going to be predictable. I know exactly what is going to happen." And guess what? It totally didn't go there. It surprised me and that was great.

I definitely recommend this book to any reader who's ever watched those adventure survival shows and caught yourself thinking about those men. You'll love Ty! I also think Blaze lovers are going to eat up this new author addition to the line and I think we'll see many more books from Ms. Maguire.

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  1. I just read this book last week and throughly enjoyed it. I agree Meg Maguire is now one of my auto-buy authors