The Hardest Decision For A Reader: Name Your Top 3 Authors

The other day on Twitter - before I got sidetracked with updating and tweaking my blog design - I asked if you could only name 3 authors as your favorites who would they be.

Now, think about it. This isn't about a favorite book or best book you've read lately, but what authors do you really just enjoy their entire body of work. Now, obviously some books you'll love more than others but what 3 authors would be like the TRIFECTA OF READING for you?

Since I'm a romance blog most the the answers from my followers were romance authors. The most common comment was "How in the world to narrow it only to 3?"

I thought I would share the responses I got on Twitter and even let you know the top 3 most mentioned authors to see how they stack up against your own list.

See someone here whose work you've never read? Well get on it because apparently they write good stuff! Don't see your fav here? Then tell me who you would add to the list!

Top 3 Most Mentioned:

1. Nora Roberts
2. Lisa Kleypas
3. TIE - Victoria Dahl & Julia Quinn

Other Authors Mentioned as FAVS:

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Kristan Higgans
Maya Banks
Kresley Cole
Rachel Gibson
Elosia James
Lauren Dane
J.D Robb
Loretta Chase
Jennifer Cruise
LaVyrle Spencer
Shiloh Walker
Roxanne St. Claire
Lora Leigh
Elizabeth Hoyt
J.R Ward
Karen Marie Moning
Sandra Brown
Karen Robards
Lynsay Sands
Barbara Michaels
Lisa Gardner
Karen Rose
Nalini Singh
Linda Howard
Meg Cabot
Annie Solomon
Laura Griffin
Aleksandr Voinov
Carole Matthews
Milly Johnson
Patrick Gayle
Elizabeth Arthurs
Jim Butcher
Suzanne Enoch
JK Rowling
Shelly Laurenston
Mary Calmes
Stephanie Laurens
Charles de Lint
Felicity Heaton
Christina Dodd
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
J.K. Beck
Judith McNaught
Jet Mykles

Who would you add to this list? If you could name only 3 authors as your all-time fav who would it be. Sorry - no more than 3 - someone has to crack the whip!

Oh, and if you were wondering mine I went with Dahl/Kleypas/Higgans. But wanted to add Cruise/SEP/Johanna Lindsey/Gibson. :) I'm not a very good whip cracker!


  1. A lot of those are my favorites but I am shocked of some that are missing like Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton.

    Ok my favorite three that aren't listed would have to be...

    Molly Harper (I just devour anything she has written)
    Kerrelyn Sparks
    Rachel Caine

    Of course I have way more and I didn't include some of my favorites that aren't on that list. I'd have to break the list down more into genre too and even then maybe into sub-genre. I'm not sure I could say who my all time favorite is though.

  2. Hi Amanda!

    Oh - I think Molly Harper was on the list - I think you might have said her on twitter. But it was only as "molly" and I couldn't figure out who it was!

    I agree about Kim Harrison - LOVE her writing.

  3. Nicholas Sparks
    J.R. Ward

    And I can't go for a 3rd b/c it would be a 10-way tie. LOL

  4. Michelle Moran
    Preston Child
    Anne Rice

  5. Awesome list! Its hard to name only three but I shall try:

    Teresa Medeiros
    Johanna Lindsey
    Eloisa James

  6. Elizabeth Peters
    Suzanne Enoch
    Amanda Quick

  7. I'm loving all these new authors to add to my list!

  8. Only three? I don't know if I can limit it to that. Mmm. Well, what if I say, "as of this moment"? LOL

    Erin McCarthy
    Suzanne Brockmann
    Kresley Cole

    Okay, I've got to hit "Post Comment" before I can change my mind. There's so many good ones!