Reviewer Wanted: Love to Read & Want Free Books?

It's finally happened. I can no longer manage to read and review (with the amount of time and detail I'd LIKE to be giving to reviews) all the books that I'm contacted about. I've thought off and on about adding a reviewer or two to Cheeky Reads, but it's a hard decision.

When you start a blog, let's be honest, it's all about you. Your opinion on something. The kind of books you love, what you want to talk about and of course in the voice you want to use.

So adding a reviewer is a hard choice for someone who's always done it alone. But I feel like adding a reviewer would bring so much to Cheeky Reads that I feel it's been missing and I want to offer readers more reviews. The only way to get more reviews (and I don't mean lately since you can tell from my DIY post I haven't been on my regular schedule) is to bring in some fresh voices.

So, for now I'm looking for someone who would be interested in reviewing here at Cheeky Reads on a regular basis. The only compensation I can offer are free review books and the ability to have your reviews as clips of your writing. I wish it was more than that, but right now that's all I can offer.

I'm looking for an ebook reviewer for now, but this could turn into print books in the future. UPDATE: This will be for print books too!

If you're interested, please email me at cheekyreads @ and let me know what genres you enjoy reading the most and how often you think you could write reviews. We'll take it from there. :)

Happy Reading!

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