Looking Forward to 2012 - Reading Resolution

With every new year, there inevitably comes the need to start fresh and "fix" those parts of our life we either don't like, want to tweak or just plain want to accomplish.

We've all created the lists year after year. Even here on Cheeky Reads I've listed the things I would like to see change about the blog in the coming year, but this year I want to do something different.

This year I want to select just 1 thing in a few areas of my life that I love and just focus more on that. Instead of focusing on changing designs, writing more blogs, doing more contests, etc, I want my resolution this year to focus on what I love and then to just do more of it this year.

So, in the area of my life this blog fits into I'm making my resolution to be to focus on selecting and choosing books to read and review that I think fit the genres and storylines I love most.

 Most bloggers know what I'm talking about. As a reviewer you can be bombarded with requests to review books and for me there can be a lot of pressure to say yes to everyone! I really hate saying no to anyone who contacts me because I feel so honored that they've contacted me.

But, what ends up happening is that I get overwhelmed and can't keep up. I even decided this past year to add additional reviewers to Cheeky Reads. A decision I'm so happy I made! But I found myself making sure I sent them the books that best matched their personal preferences and then left myself the "other" books.

Sop this year I'm pledging to myself to make sure I take on books I really want to read. I'll still send my reviewers the books that suit them as well, but I'll have to say no to some authors who I don't think their books match our reviewers tastes - because I believe you should give a book the best chance by only having someone really interested read it.

I mean how can a review be fair if from the beginning you aren't at least mildly interested in reading it?

I have to admit that's why I haven't posted a ton of reviews lately - I just couldn't do the books justice and felt the author deserved a reviewer more fit to their story.

In 2012, you'll see more reviews from me simply because I'll be back to reading books I'm really interested in. That might not mean they'll all be good, but I'll be giving the book, author and my readers the best reviews possible.

Oh, and I'll get back to the joy of reading, because that's what it's really all about.

Cheers to a Happy New Year! Do you have a reading goal or resolution for 2012? Are you a blogger with blog goals or reading goals? Please share!


  1. This is a most excellent resolution. Even from the writer end of things, I'm amazed at how easy it is here in blogworld to get mired in obligatory reading. And I completely agree that it's better for authors - as well as readers - for reviewers to select books based on desire rather than guilt or good will. I wish you many fabulous reads in 2012! :)

  2. Sounds great! I'm like you, I have a hard time saying no, so I'll try to follow your example and be more picky when it comes to review requests. Good luck Sabrina!! :-)