Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nora Roberts Overload! Lifetime's Nora Roberts Collection

Lifetime has been working hard lately at offering some great original programming, and they've outdone themselves this week! They are presenting the 2009 Nora Roberts Collection -- Four, count them four, brand new movies based on Nora Roberts books. I'm crossing my fingers they do the books justice!

Check out Lifetime's Website for a smorgasbord of Nora Roberts fun! There's an excerpt from Nora's upcoming release Vision In White, a trivia game, movie trailers, a weekly contest to win $1,000 and best of all...You can watch the full length movies right online after they premier!

Check out the trailer for Saturday's premiere of Midnight Bayou starring Jerry O'Connell and Lauren Stamile.

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  1. I love anything by Nora Roberts--most of the time she doesn't disappoint. I have read almost everything she's written and there have been very few times that the story just lacked something and this is certainly one time. I knew what the ending was going to be but I got bored just trying to get to the end. The main characters got along fairly well so there wasn't much conflict between the two. I'm looking forward to the third book because there's already a lot of hostility between the next set of characters not to mention they mystery ghost.



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