REVIEW: Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin By Kim Lawrence

Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin
By Kim Lawrence
Harelquin Presents February 2009

As heir to the throne, Prince Tair Al Sharif is driven by duty to his country, and indulges in women on a mistress-only basis.

Beige-wearing, bespectacled Molly James is certainly not the kind of woman he usually beds. But Tair is outraged to be told that dowdy Molly is actually a seductress in disguise! She needs to be stopped! Taking her as a captive to the desert, he discovers this Miss Mouse is innocent—in every way. Now Tair wants her…as his bride!

Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin kicks off with an exciting and intriguing first few chapters that set the bar for sexual tension very high, but unfortunately the story does not live up to the expectations that are raised in those first few exchanges.

Both Molly and Prince Tair are compelling characters and there seemed to be a fair amount of heat building between them. It's regrettable that their coming together seems completely unrealistic – even in the world of romance books! I expected more resistance on Molly's part than to give in so quickly to a man who would think the horrible things Tair does of her character. Not to mention the fact that even though he thinks of her as a liar and whore, he still wants to possess her.

Miss Lawrence's writing style is very fresh and her characters, including the intriging family of siblings I hope get their own stories, are well described and come to life for the reader. That makes the missing connection between the two lead characters so disappointing.

The story is a good one with some new and interesting twists, and the writing is quick paced and engaging, but I wish the story would have been further along before Molly and Tair did the deed – time for him to see the real side of her and question his assumptions of her.

I recommend Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin as a entertaining read, especially if you are a fan of Sheikh/Virgin storyline.


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