Friday, March 20, 2009

Sony & Google Partner - Offering 500,000 FREE eBooks!

Google announced yesterday that it is making its scanned public-domain books available in eBook format through Sony. This marks Sony’s library of eBooks as the largest available at 600,000 titles.

Check out the Associated Press article here.

This CheekyGirl is very pleased with this deal since she’s heard the Sony Reader is far beyond the Kindle in usability – now Sony just needs to counteract the Kindle’s wireless downloads by offering more and higher quality eBooks.

Click here to check out the Sony Reader and its new eBook store.

Now, if only CheekyGirl can convince her husband to get her the Sony Reader for her birthday!!!

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  1. Great blog! Interesting about DRM--I didn't know anything about it, although my book is published in both ebook and print formats. It's hard to keep up with everything in the ebook field. It's developing so quickly. And I also find it interesting that Barnes and Noble is acquiring Fictionwise. I hope this means great things for the ebook industry!



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