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Tease Me Tuesday: What's on Tap at Cheeky Reads

Wednesday we'll welcome guest blogger Debbie Mumford, author of The Silver Casket. She'll be blogging about what inspires her writing.

Samhain is featuring a FREE book download of Yorkshire by Lynne Connolly, get the Kindle version here, and other formats are available here at Books on Board.

Look for upcoming reviews on Loving Mr. Darcy, Dreamfever, Start Me Up, Mischief in Mudbug, The Grand Sophy and lots of ebook reviews.

I'll also be posting the first of my reviews of a Sony Reader as part of the Smart Bitches Trashy Books test drive program. Check out some of the hilarious reviews of other test drivers here. My personal favorite so far, has to be Randi's Comic Strip review. It's here.

Smart Bitches Sony Rest Drive

The Sony Reader test drive over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books in in full swing! I'm head over heels for my 505, and fellow test driver Billie is adoring her 700.

Check out the hilarious first review from Billie over at Smart Bitches.

If you are even considering the pros and cons on an ereader, you should follow these reviews. We're a random group of reviewers giving you our honest ups and downs with the Sony. You're sure to find a reviewer who has your reading habits and opinions on print versus ebooks, and that should be helpful in deciding if an ereader is right for you.

Happy Reading!
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Those Smart Bitches Rule! Commencing Sony Reader Test Drive

The super-supreme Smart Bitches over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books ran a contest for the opportunity to test drive a Sony Reader...and they selected yours truly! I'm insanely excited to test drive an ereader and can't thank The Bitches, Sony and Harlequin enough!

The Reader arrived this weekend and I'm getting it all set up this morning. Is it okay that I squealed like a teenager reading Teen Beat when I opened the box? So far, I love how slim it is, and the case is magnetic so that it keeps the flaps closed to protect the Reader. So sleek it makes me feel all uptown girl-ish.

So, look for upcoming posts on my experience with the Sony Reader and ebook reviews!

Sony & Google Partner - Offering 500,000 FREE eBooks!

Google announced yesterday that it is making its scanned public-domain books available in eBook format through Sony. This marks Sony’s library of eBooks as the largest available at 600,000 titles.

Check out the Associated Press article here.

This CheekyGirl is very pleased with this deal since she’s heard the Sony Reader is far beyond the Kindle in usability – now Sony just needs to counteract the Kindle’s wireless downloads by offering more and higher quality eBooks.

Click here to check out the Sony Reader and its new eBook store.

Now, if only CheekyGirl can convince her husband to get her the Sony Reader for her birthday!!!