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10 Cheeky Questions with Author Angie Fox & An Awesome Giveaway!

Today I'm so pleased to post a Q&A with New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox here at Cheeky Reads! Angie graciously agreed to answer some questions for us about her latest release, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers and if you haven't read about how much I loved this book, check out my review here.

So without further ado...10 Questions with Angie Fox!

Did you know when you were writing the Accidental Demon Slayer that this would be a series?
I did write it as the start of a series simply because I enjoy reading series books so much. It’s fun to get to know characters over the course of several books, and to watch them grow and change. There is so much I can do with the biker witches, with Lizzie’s demon slayer education and with the complex relationship she’s developing with Dimitri.

What inspired the idea of Lizzie writing a manual for other slayers?
It just seemed like a very “Lizzie” thing to do. She’s all about planning and figuring things out. It’s what makes her so much fun to write as she learns she’s a demon slayer and has to master her powers. Lizzie isn’t the type that enjoys messing up and she’s certainly not going to make the same mistake twice. She’s going to figure out everything about demon slaying if it’s the last thing she does (and at times, she wonders if it may very well be the last thing she does).

Can you give us a few more sex scenes in the next book because we love them!
Well…okay! This next book is actually turning out to be pretty hot. It takes place in and around Dimitri’s home in Greece. It’s kind of like a gothic Pemberly and it’s just the perfect setting for intrigue, discoveries and romance.

Do you foresee ever writing another male into the picture to tempt Lizzie?
Hmm…it’s possible. You’re giving me an idea here…

What's the most common comment you get from fans at signings and online?
Lots of people tell me that if their dog could talk, he’d say the kinds of things Pirate says.

How did the character of Pirate come about?
I hadn’t planned on Pirate when I began the book, but in the second chapter, when Lizzie learns she’s a demon slayer and all hell is after her. She takes comfort in her dog. As I was writing, I thought, ‘This is a sweet moment. Now how do I throw her off?’ Simple. I made Pirate say something to her. Nothing big. After all, he’s only after the fettuccine from last week. And he knows exactly where my heroine can find it (back of the fridge, to the left of the lettuce crisper, behind the mustard). It amused me, so I did it. Thanks to her unholy powers, Lizzie can understand her smart-mouthed Jack Russell Terrier. Pirate ended up being so much fun that he’s a main character in the books.

What three words would you use to describe your series?
Unexpected, funny, dramatic

Who's your favorite character to write scenes for?
Lizzie, because she’s always in the middle of the action and Pirate because his dialogue is a blast to write. Plus, he’s so present in his world. No matter how crazy things get, Pirate can see the best in the situation and adapt.

Can you give us a hint of what's to come in book three?
Book 3 will be called A Tale of Two Demon Slayers. In it, Lizzie and the gang travel to Greece where they learn more about Dimitri’s family and a threat that could destroy them all. I’m having a ball with it because it’s so much fun to explore Dimitri’s home, his griffin heritage and his juicy past.

Where did the idea for Grandma's “Kiss My Asphalt” shirt come from? She wears the best shirts!
It popped into my head as I was writing the first scene of The Accidental Demon Slayer. It just seemed like something Grandma would wear. Then a blogger started making the shirts and I thought, hey, it would be fun to make some of my own as well. I described to an artist how I’d always pictured the shirt in my head and he designed it for me.

Thanks Angie and I can't wait for the release of A Tale of Two Demons!

Being a fantastic Cheeky Girl, Angie has put one of her freakin' awesome "Kiss My Asphalt" T-shirts up for grabs! I'll be giving away a copy of The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers. Just take Angie's Biker Witch Name quiz and come back and tell us your new name! We'll pick two winners randomly from the comments and announce the lucky readers on Saturday.

So what's my Biker Witch Name? Well, Easy Edna No Pants of course! LOL!


  1. my name is Crumple Toed Chessie Lug Nut

  2. @JCP - That's a good one! "Lug Nut" for some reason makes me giggle. :)


  3. My name is: Rubber Neck Reba No Pants ~ just left a funny picture in my mind..LOL!! :)

  4. My name is Two Date Tessa Wheelie-Gig

    I have got to read this book. I love the idea of Pirate. Hopefully next month the payroll gods will be kind. :-)

  5. I'm Buck Tooth Betty Lug Nut...must be related to JCP.

  6. Haha, I'm Owl Eyed Olive it!

  7. Leggy Lucy Wheelie-Gig! Please refer to me by this name from now on.

    I love the interview--I'm glad you asked about Grandma's t-shirt; I like how it has spun into its own side project.

    Do you have any more intviews lined up that I can look forward to? I think this is a great idea!

  8. Haha! I am Crumple Toed Cheesie Uni-Brow, so i am apparently related to JCP and Frida.

  9. Hi everybody! Looks like we have some new biker witches here. The Red Skulls will be here in five to pick you up.

    Thanks again to Sabrina, the Cheeky queen, for having me here!

  10. This was so much fun. Thanks for the interview and the great book!

    I was Leggy Lucy Wheelie-Gig

  11. Just finished reading Accidental Demon Slayer...and loved it. I will be getting more of this series!

  12. I LOVE this, Angie!! It's a riot!! I put my nickname, Mimmi, in this time~~Lusty Lucinda Fancy Pants~~ROFL, love what it came up with!!

  13. OMG, I am Chesty Drawers No Brakes, totally hilarious.

  14. Great interview. My Biker Witch name is Rubber Neck Reba Pothole Jumper.

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... I love Greece, I've always wanted to go myself!

  16. Oh, and my name is Hog Wild Harriet No Brakes. hahahahahaha

  17. Oh my gosh - We would make the best ever Biker Witch gang! These names are hilarious!


  18. Sabrina & Angie,

    What a great interview! I loved the Accidental Demon Slayer and dying to read the Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers. I am so excited to hear there is a book 3 and possible more :)!!

    MY NAME IS -
    Fast Frankie No Brakes

    lol what some funny names!

  19. Great Questions Sabrina......

  20. @CathyM - Chesty Drawers is totally hilarious!

    Angie's quizes are the best interactive promos I've run across for authors to engage their readers. Such a fantastic idea and so much fun!


  21. My biker witch name is Spaghetti Neck Stella No Brakes!


  22. You are cracking me up! Glad everyone is liking their new identities, because let's face it - if you're going to be popping wheelies out behind the Hairy Hog biker bar, you need a cool name.

  23. Glad to hear you're enjoying the books, Kimmad! This series has been so much fun to write. My editor let's me get away with so much and, er, I'm taking advantage. :)

  24. Thanks, Pams00! And I am planning more books - a total of five for the series.

  25. LOL! Well, my biker witch name is Skullcap Sue Lug Nut--that'll go well with my tutu and ballet slippers for tonight's recital ;)

    Great interview, Angie! Thanks!



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