REVIEW: Hounding The Pavement by Judi McCoy - Win a Signed Copy!

Hounding The Pavement
By Judi McCoy
5 Heart Review

Ellie Engleman, the newest dog walker on Manhattan's swanky Upper East Side, has a talent – besides scooping poop. She can hear what her canine clientele are thinking. So when an owner is killed, Ellie must perk up her ears and bone up on her sleuthing....

Ditching her dog-eat-dog career and cur of a husband, Ellie happily trades her power suits for a panty-hose free wardrobe and her dream job. And she couldn't be happier – unless of course, Mr. Right shows up at her door with a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

But when she stumbles upon a dead client, Ellie becomes a suspect in an investigation led by smoking-hot, if cocky, Detective Ryder. Ellie wouldn't exactly mind staying in his custody – if it meant sticking close by him 24-7 – but she worries about the deceased's missing prizewinning bichon. Did someone steal him? If only she could find the dog, he'd tell her who the culprit is. But a killer wants Ellie to let sleeping dogs lie...or else.
I'm a huge fan of Judi McCoy's Goddess Series and was delighted to hear she was trying a new mystery series – particularly one with a heroine who can talk to dogs! Hounding the Pavement is an excellent mystery wrapped in humor, with wit and a steamy romance! One thing is for sure, this isn't your grandmother's mystery. It's part of a new breed that includes more sexual steam and a greater emphasis on the romance.

I love Ellie! She's a fantastic character and I would love to step into her shoes for a day – especially a day when she gets all hot and heavy with the super sexy Detective Sam Ryder! I think women will identify with her attitude and fall in love with her upbeat, spunky personality. I sure did!

Detective Ryder is the hero I love to root for. He's a man who's been hurt in the past and is afraid of being hurt again. But, you know he'd be there to rescue you in a pinch and he loves his job even if it's not glamorous. What I found refreshing were the cute insights into the lighter side of his character such as his refusal to obey parking restrictions and bribing his officer buddy to lose the tickets. I love that he's an officer of the law who likes to work around it sometimes.

The addition of the premise that Ellie can speak to animals is done with expert skill. You never feel that it’s annoying or too much to believe. Judi makes you believe it! I can envision my own dogs making the same comments to me and having the same conversations with other dogs. It helps that Judi doesn't make the rest of her world unbelievable. That makes the dogs talking an extraordinary thing in a normal world and gets the reader to more easily accept the idea of talking canines.

I loved this book and think you will too. Beyond the good story, is terrific writing that makes it easy to fall in love with the characters and want to come back to them again and again. I guess it’s a good thing that Judi's second book in the series comes out later this year!

Enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of Hounding the Pavement! Just leave a comment telling me what you think your dog would say to you if he could talk, or why you love romantic mysteries! I'll draw randomly from all the comments on Friday the 29th!

This giveaway copy was happily purchased with all of Judi's royalties from the book going to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society. Support Best Friends and get a terrific book in the process by puchasing Hounding the Pavement today!


  1. I think my dog would say "Leaye me alone, I'm trying to sleep here!"
    Love the idea that she can talk to animals, and love a good mystery. This book sounds like a lot of fun and a great read at the same time. I am definitely going to have to check it out!


  2. I love romantic mysteries because they usually make me laugh.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book. I think my dog would say, "More treats please!" I like romantic mysteries because you get romance and a story that leaves you wondering to the end.

  4. Great review! And, I think Charlie (the dog) would tell me to rub his belly more often. :)

  5. If my dog could talk she would probably complain about me. How I tell everyone not to feed her people food. She would also say Richard I love you and want to be with you but your room is a mess and I could get hurt in there, and your bed is too high, so I can't jump on it!


  6. @CrystalGB - My dogs would say the same! They could have eaten a whole bowl of food and still want treats!

  7. @ LisaM - We have a saying in our house - "White Means Rub" - both of our dogs have white belly fur and will roll over if you even look in their direction! LOL

  8. What would Bonnie say? "Why aren't we at the dogpark?" "Can we go to the dogpark now?" "Will you wake up and take me to the dogpark?" "Why isn't this the dogpark?" "Let's open a dogpark in the backyard!"

    She's sorta dogpark obsessed...

    Maureen (Yes, it's me. You get yer swag?)

  9. BTW, Judi is trying to figure out how to commment...

  10. @ 2nd Chance - Yes, I got my swag and loved it! Too cute.

    LOL about the dogpark - ours learned the word "park" and that's all we have to say to get them jumping around!

  11. Hi Judi! Thank you so much for writing such a fantastic book - I really loved it and wish you all the best! Can't wait for the next one!


  12. OMG, the things my dogs would say!!
    I think at the forefront would be something like~~you take YOUR butt outside and poop on the wet grass in front of God and everybody. Huh. They really think that is so beneath them, lol. And them something along the lines of Feed me some REAL food!!

  13. I haven't gotten a chance to read Judi yet, but this book sounds so wonderful! I love romantic mysteries because I like trying to figure out who did it and looking for the clues.

    I have 2 dogs, one is an 11 1/2 year old minature pikingnese, the other is a 2 yr old minature poodle.

    The Pikingnese is prissy. She would demand to be pampered and fed only the best.

    The Poodle is playful yet timid. He would beg constantly to have his tummy scratched, or to play chase. He would also beg for snacks (any snacks almost would do lol).

    They sort of remind me of Garfield and Odie.

  14. Love the charity contribution and the book sounds good too...

  15. @Pams00 - I have two pekes myself! Love, Love, Love them. Their names are Gizmo & Yoda but I call them Pinky and the Brain - one is super devious and smart, and the other is lovable but very stupid. We aren't sure he even really knows his name. So Cute!

    Gizmo & Yoda are actually guest blogging their own review of Hounding the Pavement next week so be sure to check it out! LOL

  16. LOL How Cute Cheeky!

    I will have to come back and check Gizmo and Yoda's post :)!