Book Review: How to Tame a Modern Rogue by Diana Holquist

Book Review: How to Tame a Modern Rogue
By: Diana Holquist
Grand Central Publishing
3 Heart Review
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Ally Giordano is at the end of her rope. Her beloved grandmother believes that she's living in her favorite Regency romance novel and Ally doesn't have the heart to set her straight. But even worse, Granny Donny is now convinced that she's found the perfect "Duke" to rescue Ally from spinsterhood and she won't rest until this modern-day rogue escorts them both to her country retreat.

Commitment-phobic Sam Carson is attracted to naughty, not nice. But one stolen kiss from Ally and he's hell-bent on stripping away her good girl ways and teaching her the art of being bad. Love isn't in the stars for this rake -- he has no interest in being tamed by a woman, no matter how soft her skin or sharp her wit. But as the country beckons, Sam can't resist the charms of Ally or her dotty Granny. Has this playboy met his match?

How to Tame a Modern Rogue was a fun, light-hearted contemporary that satisfied my craving for something bright and cheery to read. I enjoyed Ally and Sam's story and could see myself re-reading it again for the fun atmosphere it provided.

The premise of Granny living out her favorite Regency novel was far-fetched but handled delightfully. I especially liked the addition of quotes from "The Dulcet Duke" at the beginning of each chapter and how Sam weaves the book into his seduction of Ally.

There was a lot going on with side characters in this story, but I mostly felt they either added to the story or provided comic relief so I wasn't bothered by them.

I would have liked to have read more about Sam's background and see him discuss it more with Ally. It would help readers forgive his womanizing ways a little more, but you still won't be too bothered since Sam always comes across well thanks to his interaction with Granny.

A witty, fun and breezy read, this is a good light book for any fan of contemporary romance or lovers of Regency romances with a modern twist!
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  1. I won a copy of this book and am looking forward to reading it. Nice review!