Romance Book Review: An Earl to Enchant by Amelia Grey

AnEarlToEnchant Romance Book Review: An Earl to Enchant: The Rogues' Dynasty
By: Amelia Grey
Sourcebooks Casablanca
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He's Determined Not To Be A Hero...

Lord Morgandale is as notorious as he is dashing, and he's determined no woman will tie him down. But from the moment Arianna Sweet appears on his doorstep, he cannot resist the lure of her fascinating personality, exotic wardrobe, and tempting green eyes...

She Has A Deadly Secret...

Arianna Sweet never imagined the significance of her father's research until after his untimely death. Now she is in possession of his groundbreaking discovery, one that someone would kill for. She can't tell Lord Morgandale her secret, but she knows she needs his help, desperately...

A fan of author Amelia Grey's Rogue's Dynasty series, I was very much looking forward to reading An Earl to Enchant and it proved to be a delightful read.

I found it amazing how much of this story is told with just the hero and heroine and within just a few rooms/settings. It is so focused on the couple and their being alone together, but it never fails to keep the reader engaged and entertained. It takes a very good writer to have so much of the story with just those two characters and very few appearances of others. I was highly impressed with the skill this took and the reader will not miss those extra characters or settings at all. I loved how straight forward this love story was without all the extra noise.

The storyline of the heroine Arianna having spent much of her life in India made this story come alive with something other than just your usual young lady. Arianna's missteps for what is acceptable in English society are expertly layered throughout the story, but they are not overly done or exaggerated as many authors might do. These escapades added just the right hint of exotic fun and all three Rogue brother's viewing Arianna belly dancing through a window was a scene you will chuckle out loud over. 

The part of the story that wasn't as compelling to me was that of finding Arianna's father's murderer. Yes, I know this was the driving motivation behind Arianna's character, but I really skipped right over these sections. I didn't care who had killed her father, or that they were caught, I just wanted more of Morgan fighting to not fall in love, and then fighting not to marry Arianna even though he loved her.     

It was refreshing to have a virgin heroine who was perfectly okay with never marrying and not because she was afraid of men. Instead, Arianna was just happy with life and didn't feel the need for a man to make her existence better. She loved Morgan, but would not have wanted him to marry her if he hadn't loved her. She was a very unassuming heroine and I enjoyed that.

If you haven't read any of the Rogue's Dynasty Series you should really check them out. They are very well-written and lovely books that always satisfy me.


  1. Awesome review! I have this one and will be reading it soon. I am so excited to see that it is so focused on just the couple!! I absolutely love a romance like that!

  2. This is my next read, thanks for your review!!!!

  3. What a great review..have to add the book to my tblist as I do not have it but hope to get it. It sounds like my type of book. susan L.

  4. Hi Sabrina! What a great review:) I might add this one to my never ending pile,lol! Oh yeah I have an award for you on my blog:)