Were you Naughty or Nice this year? Welcome Guest Author Cari Quinn & Enter to Win!

Thank you to Sabrina for allowing me to blog here today!

Want to win a book? Contests are always fun, plus it's almost my birthday (yes, I'm one of those with the dreaded close-to-Christmas birthdays.) So what better time to offer a chance to win a present if you comment?

Since it's the holiday season and whether or not you celebrate - or if you celebrate - there is always one thing that makes this time of year more fun. Well, more than one, but for the purposes of this blog post I'm talking about curling up and reading a book. Whether you read on an e-reader or prefer the feel of paper in your hands, it's such a wonderful feeling to curl up in a snuggly blanket while you're getting lost in someone else's world. Since I write erotic romance, my choice is, of course, a story along the hotter end of the spectrum. Why not warm up one of the most economical ways there is? And c'mon, for those of us who write or read erotic romance, we all know we like those vicarious thrills. Sometimes they trigger memories of our own pasts or help us fantasize about what we might like to experience in the future. Sometimes they're just fun. ;)

So in the vein of our "naughty" holiday season, I'm wondering what YOU'VE done this year to put you on Santa's list. Were you naughty or nice this year? One random commenter who shares their naughtiest or nicest moment this year will win an ebook copy from my backlist, winner's choice. And if you're like me and don't have any especially naughty or nice moments, what would you do to try to impress Santa? Get as imaginative as you'd like. Santa appreciates creativity (and so do I!)

Before you go, here's the blurb from my latest Ellora's Cave release, Personal Research. There's an excerpt here: http://www.jasminejade.com/ps-8648-50-personal-research.aspx if you're interested.

Briefs are Elena Thomas’s life, whether they’re legal at her day job or on the men in the erotic novels she writes. She’s just fine with saving her imagination for her books until temptation appears in the form of Nunzio, the smokin’-hot office IT guy. When he discovers one of her scorching books shooting out of the printer, Elena’s not sure if he wants her because she’s inventive or because he thinks she’s desperate. That doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of his “services”.

On her desk. On the copier. And, oh yeah—in her boss’s chair.

Nunzio’s shocked to learn Elena’s wall-hugging persona hides a wildcat of a woman with delicious fantasies and an enticing wit. She’s exactly what he’s been looking for in an adventurous lover—and girlfriend. He knows she enjoys their sexual research. Now he just has to convince her that sizzling sex is only the first chapter of their blazing-hot romance.

Now go forth and comment! I'll pick a winner in a few days. Happy holidays!

Visit Cari at http://www.cariquinn.com/


  1. Hi Cari :)
    I love both the cover and the blurb for PERSONAL RESEARCH.
    To impress Santa I'd stand outside his CandyCane home holding up a ghetto blaster which was blaring Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes".
    *What? What do you mean it's been done before?*
    *Did it work?*
    All the best,

  2. I'd like to win. Winning makes me happy.

    Judging by the blurb, I won't need an electric blankey to keep me warm this winter...

  3. I'm one of those December b-days, too! Happy D-b-day!

    Now, what have I done this year that was nice? Oh, so many things! ;-) Recently, I went first to the make a wish tree at my mall and bought three gifts for three young girls before I tackled my family gift buying. (Sure made me feel better...)

    Naughty? Well, I blog as a writing pirate on the Romance Writers Revenge and I do contribute to a great deal of cyber drinking...as the blogs bartender...

  4. Love the cover! Very sexy. As for what I've done to be on Santa's list, I've tried to help out some friends with their books and also sent some things to the soldiers so they would now I appreciate what they do for us.

  5. Hm... well, I did drop a 9-year-old cousin on her head (I fell, too), but I did console her, telling her that she would be okay (no broken bones although we were both rather bruised). So, was that a naughty or nice thing?


  6. I don't think I've done anything naughty, though when we got way too drunk with my girlfriends I fantasized about going up to my best guy friend when I meet hime the next time and plant a big kiss on his mouth, his a fantastic kisser (we played some Truth or Dare in high school) and I would die of laughing imagining his flabbergasted expression :-D Of course once I sobered up and since the next time I saw him there were other friends I chickened out, but maybe next time :-)

    Love the blurb and wow, that is hot! :-D

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com