What Do You Think of Book Reading Challenges? *UPDATED*

I've seen some very cool and interesting book challenges over the past year and have a few ideas for one or two that I might like to host, but I wanted to get YOUR feedback and opinion on reading challenges.
  • Do you like Book Reading Challenges?
  • Have you ever participated in one?
  • If not, why not?
  • If so, what was the best part of doing it?
  • Would you be more interested in a year-long challenge, or smaller monthly or quarterly challenges?
I'd also love to hear any tips on what you think would make a Book Reading Challenge fun and even your ideas for what challenge topic you would be interested in.

Please share because I'd really love to know!

Cheeky Girl Sabrina

Many of you have asked what exactly I mean by a reading challenge so I thought I should give you some examples of what I was thinking about. Duh. I should have thought of that from the beginning.

Here are some possible ideas for a reading challenge:
  • New to You Romance Authors - Read x Books by Authors you've never read before
  • Ebook Reading Challenge - Challenge yourself to trying out ebooks and new small epublishers
  • Harlequin Challenge - Try out 1 book from every category line for 2011. This would not only challenge you to try various different sub-genres of romance, but for many it would be a challenge to give Harlequins a try.
 These were a few of my ideas...what do you think?


  1. I guess, I feel I read so much there's no real 'challenge' to it. If I were, say, the kind of person who needed to be encouraged to read because I just didn't read enough, that would be one thing. But I think I'm one of those readers who have always helped keep the publishing business booming so...I'm not feeling a reading challenge.

    Now a writing challenge is a whole other ball game. I would definitely do that.

  2. I've never heard of a reading challenge. However, as beverley said, I'm always reading. 4 or more books a week depending on length and time available. Not sure what kind of challenge reading would be.

  3. I love the idea of reading challenges. I tend to read, a lot. I seem to have less time to read now that I have a reading blog - doesn't make sense, but that is the way it is. I sign up for challenges because I am already reading, hoping to get the books reviewed on my blog and love to win prizes. I do find that I tend to get the books reviewed if I am reading for a challenge. I like year long challenges, but like shorter ones too - I am always trying to participate in Read-a-thons but seem to read less during those three day deals.

  4. I like reading challenges but this year I found no extra time to keep up with sorting my books in the challenges. Not sure I will get that done in the next few days either. Sooo... I'll just keep reading and reviewing and if I get time okay.

  5. Explain what a book challenge is and I'll give an opinion. Never took part in one, other than the how-many-books-can-you-read-summers of grade school! ;-)

  6. @beverley

    Thanks for the comment and I totally agree with you - I read a ton too! My new update I think explains what I meant better. To get you out of your regular reading comfort zone and challenge you to read something new.

  7. @Maureen

    Great suggestion! I've added an update with the ideas I had which I think help explain this so much better.

  8. I have decided not to join any reading challenges in 2011, there are so many out there. It is not like I need encouragement to read, it is just that with a reading challenge I have to read so many books of an author or genre within a certain time, and sometimes I am just not in the mood to read something from that author or genre, that just did not work for me. The only challenge I have for 2011 is to reduce my own tbr pile!

  9. Okay, reg. your update, I could see one new author a month. I could handle that!

  10. I did a challenge last year--read and post as many reviews as possible. It certainly made me more organized about keeping track and writing reviews, but I'm glad it's over.

  11. Do I participate in challenges? yes I don't always complete them but I do start out with that in mind.

    I'm a challenge junkie. I joined way too many last year and promised myself I wouldn't do it this year (already joined three!) I guess the best advice is to be reasonable in how many book and what time frame and to let them know over at novelchallenges.blogspot.com so the rest of us will find out about it.

    New to you romance authors would work but maybe not more than 12 for the year.

    I know of one ebook challenge & an Indie challenge so I think yours will need to be different somehow.

    OMG! do you know how many categories Harlequin has???? ok, I take that back. I was thinking of the series books that are released each month along with the different imprints (Luna, Mira, etc). Reading one from each series/imprint/category would be too many to tackle for me but dang it, I think I'll see how many I can read from my own stack that fit this....

  12. I'm new fairly new to blogging so I will be participating in my first challenges this year. I think they are great. It gives me some kind of reading goal. I like your idea of the Harlequin challenge and ebook. I would definitely be interested in joining any of those.