A Steal of a Deal - Bid on a Awesome Book Package!

So today's Bria GH Auction Items have gone live and there is one that I really wanted to highlight for Cheeky Readers followers:

A book package from author Leslie Dicken - Either Print or EPub
OPEN: 2:30pm

CLOSE: 4:30pm

Leslie Dicken has offered up her three books – A Tarnished Heart, Beauty Tempts the Beast, and The Price of Discovery — for auction, as well as a lovely heart pendant.
Here's what I've previously said about Leslie's book Beauty Tempts the Beast right here on Cheeky Reads:

I read Beauty Tempts the Beast in one sitting and really loved it. In fact, when I went to draft the questions for this interview I found myself completely re-reading the story - less than a month later! If you are a historical romance fan I cannot recommend this book enough. On the Cheeky Reads scale I give it a 4 Heart Review - It really is a fantastic read! -- Cheeky Girl Sabrina
You can go bid on Leslie's package by clicking here!


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